2014 Predictions!

Get ready, my dear, because I have a feeling this year is going to knock your socks off.  I sense something really great is emerging. It may be nothing short of a brand new paradigm, in which the old rules and habits are falling away and giving rise to whole new ways of being!

There is so much rapid change and information happening now, that I can barely handle my highly skillful multi-tasking.  Some days, it’s all I can do to feed myself, meditate, pay the bills on time, and get some work done.  Feeling overwhelmed, throwing caution to the wind, letting go, losing track of time, taking leaps of faith, feeling victorious at times, feeling embarrassed at times, re-grouping, reassessing…this has been the intense “stuff” of life in 2013.

I believe that 2014 is delivering us into a more clarified and  buoyant consciousness — wiser, and in some camps, a lot more willing to allow a power greater than ourselves to take the reigns.  As a global community, we might just be soon admitting that life is completely uncontrollable.  Dare I use the word “surrender?”  Might I say that spiritual surrender is rising like the long-awaited Phoenix?

I know a lot of you don’t care for that word, surrender. Surrender implies, for some, defeat.  But I deny that interpretation and, instead, embrace the notion that surrender is the release of the illusion that my mind can logically control the chaos that is life.

Surrender is the letting go of believing I am solely in charge of my success or failure — or that there is even such things as success or failure.  Surrender is seeing that I am not my fabulous mind.  In truth, I exist as a being who is awash in judgments, outmoded concepts, unexamined habits, automatic assumptions, clinging to the past, fantasizing about the future — the everyday fruit of my over-thinking mind.   Peel all this thinking back, and what you have is the pure consciousness that animates this body.

In meditation, I’ve come to clearly witness that my mind isn’t trustworthy.  My mind is a wild animal that is constantly busy distracting itself from the present moment, trying to control and make sense of this unpredictable world.  But in back of my mind, there is a presence, THE Presence, which is eternally good, loving, constant, and true.   I experience it as every day magic, synchronicities, blessings, love, joy, and the present moment.

This appears to be a year that the Presence is becoming clearer and clearer.  It’s revealing Itself. The clouds are parting, the false beliefs lifting, and the long-predicted Phoenix is starting to  arise.  Rebirth! I can feel the huge bird rattling its chains in restless anticipation.

We may just watch as our personal chaos starts repositioning, moving into new manifestations of inner peace and love.  Our precious life may not look like we want it to look, but when all is said and done, we might just find it suits us, after all.

For me, it’s been a long period of being in my cave — hope you didn’t feel neglected by my lack of communication, but I have needed to flounder about in non-doingness for quite a while.  Just like that proverbial fish out of water, I’ve been trying to get my land bearings while the tides were churning up clouds of foam all around me.

If truth be told, it’s been pretty darn uncomfortable.  Cast from the sea of my illusions, I’ve been sitting (meditating tons) and observing the dark and the light reverberate through me, shaking out the old ways, burning up the fantasies, rattling the ghosts of past relationships, and reviewing the previous choices that chose through me.

When a dear friend kindly lent me Thomas Moore’s book, Dark Nights Of The Soul, I realized that  my inner darkness and turmoil was more transparent than I thought.   Thus, all the more reason to fully give myself over to it!  So here it is, New Year’s Eve, and my big plans tonight are to happily burrow deeper into my cave.   What’s different today, however (and thankfully has been mounting since the Winter Solstice’s return of light),  is that joy is afoot.  Hope is present.  Snow is falling, and home never felt cozier.  Gratitude is here and I’m down on my knees appreciating it’s sweet face.

So, for all my sisters and brothers who are “caving” it tonight, and all the others who are partying in the new year, I send my blessings.   I pray that 2014 brings divine order to your chaos and the world’s vast and perfect imperfection.   I pray we all come through our suffering and find comfort and freedom in awakening to love’s magic, power, and eternal truth.

I predict more change ahead and no where to go but deeper and more fully into it.   This is what we signed on for when we incarnated onto to this baffling planet.  Let’s find the peace and joy in the midst of all this experience.  It’s there, so hang in and keep showing up.