The Akashic Record, known in the Bible as “The Book of Life,” is a vibrational record of each soul and every thing in existence, from inception to future probabilities.  In Sanskrit, the word “akasha” means primordial substance, that out of which all things are formed.  The Akashic Record is a foundational, energetic library of Truth.

There are many ways to open the Akashic Record.  Edgar Cayce was a well-known psychic who went into a trance, receiving cures, past life information, and prophecies from the Akashic Record.  Many books have been written about his remarkable talents.

At this time in our collective spiritual evolution, is not necessary to go into a deep trance, as Cayce did, to receive this powerful guidance and healing energy.   Using a special prayer, Paula Rosenfeld accesses spiritual energy and guidance, and healing that open from within the heart.   The physical experience of opening the Akashic Record with this prayer can be felt as an energy “download” through the heart, spreading into all parts of the body.

Opening your Akashic Record can illuminate the essence of your Higher Self.  It can permit an examination of limiting patterns or false beliefs from a higher perspective, revealing a soul’s purpose, past life history, and contracts for this lifetime.  Paula is able to open the Akashic Record of adults, animals, businesses, organizations, and geographical locations.

An Akashic Record consultation can include both guidance and healing for you.  The act of consciously accessing the Akashic Record creates a healing shift of energies and is able to short-circuit the ego, which so often tells us to feel threatened.  There is no fear when we are in the sacred energy of the Akashic Record; it is heart-centered energy.

To prepare for a session, you are asked to create, in advance of the session, a list of questions or issues to be discussed during the consultation.

 Akashic Record Consultations

Akashic Record Consultations provide an opportunity for healing and insight into the root, spiritual cause of problems and allows you to view relationships, gifts, career issues, health concerns, and spiritual purpose from a higher perspective.

One-hour Akashic Record Reading:

In Person: $145

Phone/Skype: $140

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