Image: Aura clearingAn Aura Energy Healing is off-the-body energy work that seeks to restore the unique integrity of a person’s energy field. Consider this work to be a form of “house cleaning” and rebalancing of the body systems and energy flow. Our unique, individual form is made up of an intricate energy field that is seen by clairvoyants in layers surrounding each chakra. The Sanskrit word “chakra” refers to a “wheel” of energy, or vortex of energy, in the body. This energy field is called our aura. We are a multi-layered, multi-dimensional, energy miracle! Each layer of our aura is organized around specific themes or tasks related to the chakras, including survival, emotions, actions, love, communication, perception, and spiritual attunement. Learn more about aura themes and colors by downloading this chart of the aura layers and meanings. Learn more about chakras by downloading this chart of chakra common qualities and meanings. Using a variety of techniques, Paula works to remove unwanted energies, cords, and beings from the aura and chakras, thus energetically restoring a sense of having your own space. By sweeping away resistance, “heavy” feelings, and the energetic residue from alcohol or drugs, this kind of session can promote a feeling of lightness and a return to one’s innate balance and joy. For those who may be experiencing anxiety, fear, or stress, this work can improve grounding and support spiritual connection and connection to the earth, providing a sense of safety and well-being.

Aura Energy Healing

This off-the-body energy work removes misplaced energies from your aura and chakras; it energetically restores a sense of inner balance, of energy flow, and of having your own space. Aura Energy Healings can be done in-person or by phone or skype. These sessions are often scheduled as a stand-alone one-hour session or combined as an additional half-hour or one hour session with a Clairvoyant Reading or Akashic Record Consultation.

One-hour Aura Energy Clearing

In Person: $145

Phone: $140

Aura Energy Clearing combined with Guided Meditation/Coaching: $145 in person or $140 by phone

Half-hour Aura Energy Clearing

Phone Stand-alone: $80

Add-on to Reading: $70

An affordable stand-alone, custom-tailored coaching and telephone aura energy clearing session

Available for $140 by phone or

$145 in person

A session like this uniquely blends aura energy clearing with coaching and/or guided meditation to laser-focus on the energetic core of issues. In combining coaching/meditation with energy work, huge shifts can happen in a very short time!

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