Awakening to Oneness and the Oneness Blessing Phenomenon

If you’ve experienced my work or read this blog before, you may have become acquainted with the Oneness Blessing.  It is a transmission of  energy which can catalyze a shift in consciousness that can result in permanent awakening.  This energy transmission comes from India, from the visionaries who founded Oneness University there — and its profound effect is sweeping the globe.  It is not a religion, nor does it ask you to follow any path.  In fact, the Oneness Blessing phenomenon supports each individual in following their heart, and in achieving the freedom to be their unique self.

This energy can be transmitted through the hands of a Oneness Blessing Giver and the energy can also be powerfully transmitted through the eyes of people who are especially attuned to share what is called the Oneness Meditation.  The energy can also be transmitted through the intention of a Blessing Giver, without even the use of hands.

The energy transmission that occurs during a Oneness Blessing  is hard to describe and will have a unique effect on each person who receives it.  Each time you receive a Oneness Blessing, it may feel different to you, as well.

In general, people who have received the Oneness Blessing have reported increased feelings of joy,  release of tension and stress, sense of inner peace, calmness, feeling lighter, releasing mind chatter, becoming more self-aware, receiving insights, feeling gratitude, feeling connected to everything,  sometimes physical healing, and feeling closer to whatever they consider Source.

Over time, especially with repeated Oneness Blessings, many have reported a falling away of addictive patterns, more harmonious and heart-connected relationships, a sense of purpose, more balance in their life, being in the flow of life and abundance, and, in fact, many miracles.

Speaking from my own experience of permanent awakening, I can say that all of these benefits of receiving the Oneness Blessing are the gifts of an awakened life.  Becoming awakened is actually a permanent neuro-biological shift in the brain – a shift that launches a path that can conceivably evolve into enlightenment, a state of total unity consciousness.

Which is why I would like to urge everyone to receive Oneness Blessings and, in fact, consider becoming a Blessing Giver.   When you give the Oneness Blessing, you also receive it … and there is an exponentially huge benefit to being able to give it.  Not only does it accelerate the transformation of your own consciousness, but it also gives you “sat karma” — the Indian term for good karma.  The law of karma is that what you give out comes back to you – so the more good you give, the more good flows back to you.

To be able to help others grow in consciousness is one of the highest forms of giving.  How powerful it is to create more happiness in the world!  How fulfilling to help someone step into their higher consciousness potential.  Not only that, but to actually change the world, we all must find happiness and peace within our self.  When you can find it within and are able to help someone else find permanent inner peace and joy, then I believe you are truly co-creating heaven on earth with Spirit, one person at a time.

People in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and more are receiving and giving Oneness Blessings now.  This is a world-wide phenomenon.  The world is on the path of transformation, and though there is much darkness to move through, the future holds hope for generations to come.

If you are interested in taking the weekend training that initiates you to become a Oneness Blessing Giver, there is one coming up in Chicago on June 28 and 29, 2014, at Bodhi Spiritual Center.   The course is a deep dive into exploring your relationships with others and your unique relationship with Spirit. It is filled with processes, meditation and Oneness Blessings to move you toward a state of flowering of the heart.   To register for the course, go to:

If you live out of town, please contact me for more information on finding a Oneness group in your vicinity or to have me do a training course in your area so you can have a community of people who are transforming in consciousness.