BeThe Peace!

Today is International Day of Peace and the motto of the event is “Be the Peace. EveryOne Everywhere Together Now.” The wonderful musical celebrations and dedications go on through Sept. 23…you can check it all out at:

One of the presentations of this event that I particularly enjoyed this morning was the Oneness Blessing (an energy transmission) shared by Sri Bhagavan, (Avatar and founder of the Oneness University in India) and the introduction to Sri Bhagavan given by monk Doug Bentley. The link for the replay of the short introduction and fifteen minute Oneness Blessing is:

One thing I know for sure is that there will not be peace in the world until there is peace in me and in you. Today is a good day to tune in and ask yourself what peace means to you….and then, of course, to be the peace.

For me, peace is:

(1) The quieting of my mind’s chatter. My mind is filled with a ton of voices, demands, fears, and confusion. If I listen to that chatter, I give power to what may not be real. I can be aware of the chatter – and by becoming aware of it, I create a little wedge of distance that allows me to ask my Divine for help in overcoming my fears and pain. When I call on my Divine, I feel its Presence in my body as an energy, and my mind quiets.

(2) The resting of my consciousness in my heart and my body.   I don’t want to live in my head. I want to live in my body, and be led by my heart. I want my mind to serve my heart and my life– I don’t want my mind to run the show. When I call on my Divine, I am led to my heart. I feel tingling and the Presence in my body. This is a beautiful thing.

(3) The willingness to make peace with myself for the times I’ve pushed away love, acceptance, and the recognition of the Divine in all things.   Why, why, why do I resist the “what is?” If I didn’t resist it, I would be knowing that the Divine is in all things, even there inside the pain.   Underneath the pain and resistance is pure joy. How I wish I could know the joy always, but since I don’t, I want to forgive myself for my unconsciousness…. but actually, my Higher Self knows there is nothing to forgive!

(4) The willingness to forgive others for the ways I’ve been hurt by their actions, whether their actions were intentional or not.  If I want to hold on to my grudges, I will be stuck in the past.   I don’t want to live in the past, I want to be fully in the present. In the present, I can call on the Divine to help me let go of what no longer serves me. In letting go of old suffering, I can choose to make the best choices as I can now, in order to honor my spirit, my body, and the gifts I have to share with the world. No matter what happens to me, though, I know that the Divine is with me and that everything has happened just as it had to, and that all is good.

(5) The willingness to serve others by being my authentic self.   In doing this, I live in the trust that who I am is enough and that what I am is divine.   I offer my life as a channel for love to pour through me, as me.

How are you being the peace?  I invite you to share your thoughts in this blog!

Many blessings and good wishes for your peace and happiness!

From my heart to yours,