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GardenThere’s one prayer that I have highly recommended for years, and used in service of creating my own life’s work, but in one certain area of my life, I haven’t employed it. I’ve been afraid to truly let go enough to pray in this particular arena, in this particular way. That arena is romance, and my fear is that if I truly surrender, I won’t get what I want.  It’s not my preference to be single, and I’ve tried persistently to change the situation as best I can.  As I see it now, even though I’ve prayed for manifestation of a partner in the many various ways that I’ve been taught to pray, it hasn’t worked for a reason. I’ve probably tried to solve the problem from the level of mind that it was created by. As Einstein has pointed out, this just doesn’t work.  In my heart, I know there’s one way of prayer that I haven’t been ready to do.

I’ve certainly had my share of extremely significant and precious relationships; each one lasted until they were finished. Not a unique story for many of us. Yet, I found myself, recently, throwing my hands up in the air, and sighing the proverbial, “I give up”. I was at a new level of despair, frustration and, ultimately, surrender – exactly what was needed, evidently, for my Divine to deliver a big, wake-up message.

Spirit’s breakthrough message came to me via a couple of coffee dates that ironically validated the extraordinary power of intention to manifest what we think we want. But what we manifest may not always be what we really need. The dates left me dazzled by Spirit’s notorious sense of humor, and I eventually saw a big flaw in the prayer technique I’ve been using in my search for a significant other.

For example, I’ve wanted to meet a potential loved one who adores animals just as much as I do. Recently, I was requesting of my Divine that this ideal person have a dog or two, since my landlord doesn’t permit dogs. (I’d imagined enjoying them vicariously, so to speak). I’ve been longing to have a significant relationship with some pets! Sure enough, I met someone with two dogs….and six cats too, bless her heart. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to remind Spirit that I have a low-level cat allergy. My own two beloved cats (now deceased) were fairly manageable for my allergy – but six cats would send me over the edge into asthma.

Dating wake-up call #2: Because I have a few food sensitivities, I can be a bit of a challenge (in some people’s eyes) to dine with. But I am so “over” having to justify certain food avoidances to people. So I’ve been asking my Divine for someone who understands and respects healthy, mindful eating. Who did I attract, you’re wondering? I called in a date with a woman with massive food allergies, (which I have deep, deep compassion for), but her severe allergies include both cats and dogs. Darn, I had forgotten to tell Spirit that my ideal partner, though loving dogs, would not be allergic to them, even allergic to non-allergenic dogs!

Trying to stay on top of all my particular specifications and expectations is exhausting. I can’t think of every single angle, polish my prayers, visualize, and expect my Divine not to have a great laugh at my expense! Here is the big “a-ha” that came a few weeks ago: I’ve got this particular idea of who I think will make me happy, and what I think will make me happy… and I’m expecting Spirit to be like a corporate head hunter who will fill the slot with exactly what I believe I want.

It’s like I have a job opening, and I want my Divine to fill it pronto with someone who has all the right qualifications. Like it’s all about me and my wants … What’s wrong with this picture?

What I see is that I have it all backwards. I need to dwell on what I have to offer, not what I want to get. I suspect things would work much better if I follow my own prayer advice and truly surrender. It’s the “truly” that is really hard.

The prayer goes something like this, and you can direct it to whatever Higher Power is sacred to you personally: “Use me. You know my desires, passions, skills and talents, dear Spirit…Let me please be a channel of your love. In service, Spirit, let me be joyful. Let me add to the world’s good. How, and with whom this might manifest is up to you, dear Spirit, so I let go of the reigns and trust in your wisdom and guidance.”

How this will show up in my dating life, remains to be seen. I’ll keep you posted! I do know that Spirit holds a vision for me, and everyone else, which is truly good and life-supportive. It’s a much higher perspective than my own.

And how does this prayer relate to Earth Day? With eyes wide open in an increasingly transparent world, we all are seeing the masses of politicians and world leaders who, in their humanity, have been severely limited by the consciousness they hold. The world’s a mess due to consciousness that has been conditioned by centuries of fear. The structures that we have taken for granted are crumbling in the wake of rising global awareness and dissension. Ugliness and cruelty also abound rampantly, seemingly hopelessly mired and motivated in fear.

We watch now as our beautiful Earth is being destroyed by this pressure cooker called life in 2017, co-created by all of us. Humans have used, manipulated, and transgressed the natural world to serve our own needs. We have forced our will. All the years of mindless taking from Earth is destroying her. Many of us have seen these times coming for years, but have been unable to influence the consciousness of “those” in control of how money is spent to create this lifestyle we share on Earth. We watch in horror. Some of us march with anger or hope.

As in the state of surrender needed for dating help, perhaps you might join me in humbly praying to Spirit today for help for the world. My Divine has me  writing blog posts, contacting politicians, protesting, setting an example, going back to school to become an integrative nutrition coach, and of course recycling. I am doing these things, but want to do so much more. I want to experience more than give glaring looks at littered sidewalks, shake my head at unhealthy fast food joints, and walk past grocery stores filled with packaged, processed, sugar-laden saboteurs, waiting to destroy someone’s health and happiness. I want to educate, wake-up others, and transform this life-denigrating mess we’ve created.

I hereby pray, and please join me if you feel so moved, to declare: I humbly offer my love, talents, skills, and passion to make this existence better for my own life, the life of our beautiful Earth, all her wondrous creatures, and the generations to come who might never know a glorious late April day like this one (at the rate we’re going), with flowers and trees a’blooming, water coming from faucets, air that is still fairly breathable, and, thank you Spirit, organically, humanely raised food options in the store … because organic farmers get it. Immense thanks to all those who get the value of life, of all things natural, of love, peace, and beauty… and are living in their truth and not in fear.

What is your prayer today? Can you let go and trust Spirit to use your talents, passion, and actions to give to the world what it needs for transformation? If you feel frustrated, confused, fearful, or blocked, please consider taking a step toward faith and action. I urge you to strengthen your bond with the personal Divine of your heart, whatever that looks like for you – so that you can be led to serve, to give, to be a sharer of Light who transforms this chaos and destruction going on now.

If you are feeling that you can’t really “turn it over” to a Divine that you don’t trust, have I got a recommendation for you! There will be another big Oneness event happening on July 1 and 2, in Chicagoland and other parts of the country. It will be a rare chance to strengthen your bond with your personal Divine by leaps and bounds. It will help you connect, expand, brighten your Light, listen within, take action, and create change with your very own awakening consciousness. The event is called The Phenomenon and the Gift. The teachings are live-streamed from Oneness University in India with highly enlightened teachers. Please check out the Chicago event HERE.

If you want to see other locations in the country and world for this incredibly powerful event, look HERE

For the Chicago event, the deadline for the early registration discount is April 30, so don’t delay. There are even payment plans options available for this event!

Wishing you all a day of awe and gratitude for the Earth… and the courage to trust, to let go, and also to take action where you are Divinely guided.


New 6-Week Telephone Course on “The Oneness Blessing” book!


Announcing a new telephonic class inspired by Paula Rosenfeld’s transformative book, The Oneness Blessing; How Deeksha Can Help You Become Your Authentic Self, Heal Your Relationships, and Transform the World…

Shot from a cannon by last weekend’s incredible “The Phenomenon And The Gift” (A Oneness Phenomenon course), and beyond thrilled by reports of people’s life-changing experiences with the Oneness Phenomenon, I’m opening registration now for a brand new class I’ve created, based on my book, The Oneness Blessing.

I’ve received so much feedback on how this book has profoundly touched lives, aided in understanding the Oneness Phenomenon, and even transmitted Deeksha to those who read it.  Ever since it was published a year ago, people have urged me to teach from the book…and the time is finally right to do that. Using the book, which was approved by the Guides at Oneness University and blessed by Sri Bhagavan, we’ll explore powerful teachings, with experiential shamanic processes to break through blockages, beliefs, past life, and ancestral trauma that may be sabotaging relationships, happiness and fulfillment.

Set Yourself Free: A Journey to Authentic Fulfillment. In this series of 6 telephonic classes, group size is limited to 5 people for an intimate, supportive opportunity for shamanic journeying, meditation, coaching, intention-setting, and Q&A time.  The first group of people will be meeting via conference call for 6-weeks, beginning Wed., June 15, from 7:30pm – 8:45pm Central time. Each class is 75-minutes long. Total Course Fee: $159.

Course Requirement: Purchase of Paula Rosenfeld’s book, The Oneness Blessing, available on,, in stores and in kindle. Book chapters will be assigned every week.

If you need to miss a session, a recording of that session will be provided. Credit cards accepted. Fee must be pre-paid at time of registration. Special gift to all participants, weekly energy transmissions of Golden Orb Deeksha between classes.

Facilitated by Paula Rosenfeld, author, shamanic healer, Certified Oneness Trainer, teacher, and clairvoyant. To register, email: or call 773-791-8425




Spring groups for career support, relationships & transformation plus Bonus Gifts-time sensitive


Looking for some support in blossoming through your glass ceiling? No need to keep bouncing off the same barriers to success and fulfillment! I’m facilitating two kinds of telephonic break-thru groups to support stepping into greater abundance & success, heart-connected relationships, and authentic, full-throttle contribution to the world’s good. Read the options below and act quickly to receive a free gift for bold, joyful, and self-loving early registration – the universe will joyfully meet you with even-greater loving and bold enthusiasm! Experience how great saying “YES” to growth feels   Don’t delay!

Please consider…

(Offering #1). Career Empowerment Groups forming for those seeking to meet career goals with grace and soulful support. Meet by phone for six weeks, once a week for one-hour; day &time determined by availability of assembled group.

Course Fee: $159. Limit, 6 people (plus me) in each group. Deadline to register is Wed., May 4. Groups start the week of May 9 and run through the week of June 13. The Career Empowerment Group offers each week:

*Guided shamanic meditations to get clear on weekly aspirations & goals.

*Coaching on setting goals, sharing of goals, and follow-through.

*Guided group meditation & intention-setting, including powerful components for manifestation of goals. Trouble-shooting mind games before they run the show. Excavating old limiting beliefs.

*Energy transmissions of Golden Orb Deeksha to put wings under your feet!

The Benefits of working together for success and career satisfaction include: Clarity, inspiration, spiritual support when fear arises, feedback, and the magical quickening power of group intention!

Note, if you need to miss a session, a recording of session will be provided. Credit cards accepted. $159 Course Fee must be pre-paid at time of registration.

Facilitated by shamanic healer, author, teacher, Certified Coach, Certified Oneness Trainer and clairvoyant, Paula Rosenfeld

EARLY REGISTRATION GIFT IF YOU SIGN UP WITH A CREDIT CARD BY TUESDAY, MAY 3: Golden Orb Deeksha shared with you personally via phone or skype for 7 minutes, by appointment, to the first 5 people who register!!!!

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Also, Consider joining a life-shifting, experiential course based on the book The Oneness Blessing:

SmallerBookCoverImage(Offering #2) Set Yourself Free: How to Become Your Authentic Self, Heal Your Relationships, and Transform the World. This is a 6 week telephonic course, including teachings and experiential processes to shift old patterns that no longer serve your relationships, your success, your health, and your joy in life. Course requirement: Purchase of Paula Rosenfeld’s critically acclaimed book, The Oneness Blessing (available on,, or in stores either in paperback or kindle). Book chapters will be assigned each week, with powerful shamanic processes during each class. The 75-minute classes includes:

*Insightful Spiritual Teachings explored in The Oneness Blessing book

*Guided shamanic and experiential processes that personalize and deepen awareness and growth, with focus on relationships, purpose, physical vitality, and manifesting miracles

*Coaching and intention-setting

*Question and Answer segments

*Energy transmissions of Golden Orb Deeksha

Class starts Wednesday, June 1 at 7:30pm Central time and runs through Wed., July 6.  Course Fee: $159

If you need to miss a session, a recording of the session will be provided.

Credit cards accepted. $159 fee must be pre-paid at time of registration.

Facilitated by shamanic healer, author, teacher, Certified Coach, Certified Oneness Trainer and clairvoyant, Paula Rosenfeld

EARLY REGISTRATION GIFT IF YOU REGISTER BY TUESDAY, May 3:  One  7-minute Golden Orb Deeksha shared with you personally by phone or skype, by appointment, to the first 7 people who register with a credit card!!!!!!!

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Soul Retrieval Sale/When is a cat just a bag?




I was taking a walk yesterday, and about halfway down the block, I spotted what appeared to be a cat stretching and rolling around on the sidewalk. I eagerly advanced toward it, excited, because I’ve been missing my two dear kitties that passed away last year.

As I got closer, I began to wonder if this really were a cat. It occurred to me that it might be a bag flopping around in the wind. My curiosity peaked; I wanted it to be a cat. Very closer to it, I ultimately saw that it was only a plastic bag stuck somehow on the sidewalk, batted about by the wind.

Laughing at myself, I realized this is a great metaphor for the power of perception to color our reality. The way we approach anyone or anything in our life is colored by the desire to see what we either want to see or what we predict based on past experiences. Our perception, or mis-perception, powerfully shapes our reality. Both quantum science and spirituality attest to this fact.

I’ve written often in this blog about the rise in self-awareness that comes through awakening. Due to many things, the “collective consciousness” is going through some massive shifting now. The “collective unconsciousness” is apparently awakening to all sorts of injustices, for instance, which have been going on throughout the world. The collective consciousness is increasingly informed by more self-awareness — and why? One reason is that internet, social media, television, and print media are contributing toward widespread information about humanity and this planet. We see everyday the good, the bad, and the extremely ugly snapshots, for instance, of the capacity of humans for expressing violence as well as love.

Another contributing factor is the large number of people who are engaging in psychotherapy, meditation, energy healing, yoga, and other means to actively cultivate self-awareness. We are collectively realizing that what we don’t know (the unconscious patterns that sabotage relationships, health, and inner peace) actually threaten our well-being and the well-being of others. Because we are all connected, our struggles impact the lives of those who love and care about us, and whom we are charged with taking care of (our children, clients, customers, etc.) The perceptions we bring to our day-to-day lives affect how we treat others and how we are treated.

How many of us are, at this moment, churning within about how someone has mistreated us? Who’s ego is not, in varying degrees, caught up in the perception of societal blame for today’s problems or even our own blame of our parents for our problems today? We bring those childhood wounds/perceptions to each relationship we engage in as adults. Plus, we bring our karmic (including past-life) wounds to present-life relationships. Our lives are an utterly confusing portrait of our churning, inner consciousness or unconsciousness.

If you are feeling baffled and buffeted by repetitious patterns in your life, you are not alone. To sort through all our perceptions and misperceptions is an enormous task of awakening. Rising self-awareness is a process that gradually reveals when something is a “cat” or simply a “bag.” With each new insight, each tiny revelation or huge revelation, there is a gift of inner freedom awaiting each of us.

Inner freedom gifts us with clarity to “see” life as it is – to accept life on life’s terms, not resist it because of our own willful, wishful thinking or past wounding. Inner freedom gifts us with emotional flexibility, emotional intelligence, emotional connection, inner joy (a natural state not dependent on the immediate people or circumstances of our lives), and very importantly, the ability to serve the world better—endowing us with more empathy, right-action, forgiveness, love, and consciousness for the world.

We can have better relationships. We can move beyond the voice of the bloated ego-mind that is always striving to “get what’s mine.” We can move beyond that inner-two year old who is perpetually in a tantrum, still wounded by the unfortunate failings of our parents and still searching for the love they thought they should have received. With self-awareness, we see our inner-two year old in action, instead of projecting it on our loved ones. We see our own anger just might be colored by very old, unprocessed anger from childhood – perhaps not entirely the fault of our loved one’s perceived imperfections.

On the awakening path, I’m continually shown skewed perceptions in myself that I wish weren’t there. It’s very humbling. Frankly, the collective ego-mind sure needs humbling. But skewed perceptions are there and the world is what it is. There are skewed perceptions active in others (for instance, certain political figures) that I see, which I’d rather weren’t there – but that’s just where that person, and the collective, is in consciousness. What I can personally do is to stand in the tiny bit of clarity I do have, knowing that as I grow in awareness and clarity, others are likely to be positively affected too.

Here’s a personal stand I put before you today: my job is to do the work I do; I need to do it for my own joy and satisfaction. Plus, I believe deeply that the work helps others. Since you all have your own perceptions to sort through — a humongous task, indeed — my work is to support you in shifting what’s showing up in your lives and to be a channel for a rise in consciousness. The shamanic soul retrieval work I do can assist beautifully in those areas. With soul loss comes consciousness loss – it’s a survival mechanism that helps us endure the unendurable. Soul loss happens due to emotional loss, trauma, accidents, illness, divorce, various emotional/physical deprivations, abuse, karma, addiction, and more. With soul retrieval comes a rise in consciousness.

I’m offering a financial discount today to those who want assistance but feel they can’t afford a soul retrieval – or to those who just love a sale! I offer my broadest, most comprehensive of sessions, a soul retrieval, at a discounted price of $108, for a limited time.

 I am offering a 2-hour shamanic soul retrieval, done by phone or skype, for $108. Just mention this blog post when you contact me. It must be scheduled and pre-paid (credit card okay) by April 11….and you can receive the session between your date of booking and May 13. After April 11, the price returns to its normal $185. Such a deal!

Contact me at with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Wishing you inner freedom and self-awareness! And don’t forget, if you are interested in attending the upcoming The Phenomenon And The Gift course in the Chicago area on May 20-22, the deadline for the early-bird registration rate expires April 15.  For more info and registration for this inspiring event that initiates you to give Golden Orb Deeksha, click HERE

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In the wake of the Brussels attack, I’m sending Golden Orb Deeksha to Brussels. Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I feel into the sadness and fear gripping the world now. Who will be the next victims of terrorism, I wonder.

The fear that is hanging in the air in Chicago seems palpable. If you’re like me, perhaps you’ve been tuning into news media and may feel overwhelmed by the immensity of world problems.

As the transmission of the Golden Orb Deeksha continues, the sadness turns to inner peace. In this moment in time, I’m hoping that people across the world are feeling some comfort or connection from the Deeksha. I’m hoping they are feeling the heart of the world is with them in a time of fear, sadness, pain and uncertainty.

In my own experience, that connection with something greater than my own sense of isolation, fear, pain, and sadness is one of the beautiful gifts I’ve received from Deeksha. Like receiving prayer, only the personal experience of being uplifted by someone’s intentional generosity of spirit can be truly known as real. I believe it is real. I believe that consciousness, energy transmissions like Deeksha, prayer, and energy-based work from trained practitioners (like shamanic soul retrieval) can truly uplift, can create miracles, and can change this violence-ridden world. But it takes a village….and starts with each one of us.

So, please do what you can today. Here are some personal recommendations:

(1) Silence your phone, computer and television, and carve out 10 minutes to sit in silence.

(2) Turning inward, focus on your breathing. Your breath connects you to life – to the amazing and mysterious force that animates each living thing.

(3) As you continue to breath, ask yourself, where is there conflict within me? What part of me is in conflict with another part of me? What part is scared? What part is angry? Just see these various parts of your self. Perhaps a part of you feels angry, bullied, sad, or terrorized by some perception of limitation…some wound from the past. Just see it and allow yourself to feel it.

(4) By allowing these parts of ourselves to surface and be expressed, we become more self-aware and come to accept our selves, the dark and the light. It is only in acceptance of what is there that we can move beyond it. When we accept these darker parts of our self, insights may emerge. With the light of consciousness, we move one step beyond our stuckness, towards inner freedom.

(5) With expanded self-awareness, we are more able to accept others. We move into personal fulfillment when we accept our self, our past, our parents, those that trigger us, and more. If fulfillment is what you’d like, take that stand, ask the universe for it, and open yourself to new tools, and new possibilities for accessing inner freedom and joy.

One point of access to joy might be the upcoming course offering May 20-22 in the Chicago area and 6 other cities. I mention the Oneness Phenomenon’s newest course because I took this course in Canada recently and found it extraordinary. It is not about religion or dogma. It’s taught by Oneness Guides via live-feed from India, it takes you into the heart of consciousness. It holds the space for personal growth to emerge. It also provides an initiation process for the Golden Orb Deeksha, which is an amazing tool for helping yourself, your family, your friends, and the world. I invoke and transmit the Deeksha for upcoming events, for healing, and for my writing, in addition to sending it to others.

P&G_Web_Email Graphic 2If you’re curious, you can find more details and register for the event at one of the 7 cities where it will be held. Use the key word The Phenomenon And The Gift and click here.

In addition, if you’d like more info about the Oneness Phenomenon, the book I wrote, The Oneness Blessing, and the upcoming course The Phenomenon and The Gift, have a listen to the 3/11/16 online radio interview I had with CK Webb, who interviewed me about The Oneness Blessing book. You can listen here.

Radio interviews now available for listeningI’m always available for a complimentary consultation about the sessions I give that also support inner peace, better relationships, personal growth, wholeness, and the fulfillment of all your desires. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at:


The unmistakable air of springtime is here in Chicago and that means it’s the launch of growing season, the time of “green’s” return. We love spring for its effect on our sensory experiences. Winter’s sleepy introversion has a new, emerging alertness, a little more bounce it its step. Hearts perk up to an unseen signal, an expansion of the light, known through the joyful sight and smell of budding flowers, warmer breezes, and fresh grass. Something stirs. A fundamental, internal energy beckons us to renewal and rebirth. We are animals, after all, and we belong to the natural world of rhythms and cycles, of death and rebirth. In spring and summer, our souls are free to guzzle heartily of the luscious, physical aliveness of earthly life.

Perhaps your soul is feeling this call. Perhaps a thirst for new frontiers of emotional growth is shyly expressing or perhaps you’re urgently demanding it from the heavens now. Have you been slogging through spiritual growth all winter? Are you ready for a bright burst of expansion? Well, if so, I’ve got something really great to bring to your attention. Of course, the the choice is always yours to take it nice and slow…or to say, “bring it on, baby!”

Either way, emotional/spiritual growth is yours for the asking, and it’s about pushing beyond the timeworn boundaries of fear, and moving into the sometimes-uncomfortable terrain of what is yet to be discovered. But let me tell you, fresh from the emotional trenches myself these past twelve months, I can assure you that nothing is sweeter than the freedom that emotional and spiritual growth brings…the internal freedom to be all that you can, during your time here on earth. For we can stay internally locked up within our wounds, fears, and perceived limitations, or we can awaken to the gifts of awareness, courage, vulnerability, expanded consciousness, authenticity, and, of course, love – as we’ve never before known love. We can experience life, as we’ve never before known life. I’m talking miraculous transformation. It doesn’t come in a second, but believe me, it’s a coming if you want it!

I’d just like to take a moment to share some personal experiences this year of challenges and, yes, miracles in my life – in hopes of inspiring you to take the risks that inner growth invites. Today is the one-year anniversary of a major surgery I underwent, after receiving a uterine cancer diagnosis. I had a full hysterectomy that day, one year ago, and my oncologist reported to me, as I returned to consciousness right after surgery, that they saw no evidence of cancer. The organs removed were then thoroughly biopsied after the surgery, and my doctor actually reversed the original diagnosis of cancer, reporting only some pre-cancerous changes.

As spring turned to summer last year, I spent a long recovery time both in huge gratitude and also in deep ambivalence, confusion, and even anger about why I had to go through that surgery. Why did I have to lose my precious organs? I had a tremendous miracle – no cancer – but resisted acceptance and forgiveness.

The month after surgery, my book The Oneness Blessing was published and got fabulous reviews. I was struggling internally with all the resistance to changes. Four months after surgery, I went through an arduous move from one apartment to another. In the midst of that, my mother had a scary health crisis that lingered for several months. This was followed by the sudden death of my beloved kitty, Ozzie, which was quickly followed by the need to move once again – for my new apartment apparently had some highly toxic substance in it; I unexpectedly developed asthma and other weird symptoms, after moving in. So I found a new apartment and moved last month for the second time within one year. I have no symptoms or signs of asthma now, by the way!

The huge changes this year brought out great strength, flexibility, acceptance, resourcefulness, and courage in me that I didn’t think possible. Without deep faith, sacred grace, the Oneness Phenomenon community, and the emotional support of friends and family, I couldn’t have firmly re-anchored my life in dedication to growth, consciousness expansion, and, experienced, as I look back on it today, a true rebirth into a much greater capacity for love, connection, and authenticity. In retrospect, and in gratitude today, I see that there was a lot of illusory “control” I needed to give up in order to step into the needed growth.

I wouldn’t wish the intensity of all these experiences for you, but the world, overall, is having extremely intense times. It’s both the best of times and the worst of times, as it’s said. However, we are changing consciousness now by a massive, global awakening to growth, healing, and expansion – at the same time that violence rages on, and people and the environment are exploited.

Growth is an internal job. As you’ve heard over and over, we change the world by changing ourselves. It starts first internally. We work on those familiar issues of forgiveness, trust, honesty, and awareness. We see the moldy illusions that our minds cling to. We see our games, our self-floggings, our judgments, our trying to control and blame others or other things, so that we can feel safe. We see that our true safety and growth lay only in letting go of all that is untrue. It’s important to set a strong intention to grow – to be the solution, to be that person who stands in truth, inner freedom, and awakening.

SO SAVE THE DATE OF FRIDAY NIGHT, MAY 20 – SUNDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 22, FOR AN EVENT CALLED “THE PHENOMENON AND THE GIFT”. This weekend course will truly rock your status quo with growth! It is a course that is broadcast live (simultaneously in 7 U.S. cities) from the Oneness Temple in India, taught by highly awakened Oneness Guides, and held only in Chicago (yay!), Denver, Austin, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Kansas City, and Boise.

A huge benefit from this course is that you will be initiated to give the Golden Orb Deeksha – a powerful new form of Oneness Blessing from the heart. There are no prerequisites. Giving it to others will change you, and others will receive its many blessings.

I’m helping to plan the Chicago event. At this moment, we’re still working on securing the venue. Exact location in the Chicago area and pricing will soon be announced, so stay tuned. I took this same course in Toronto recently and found that it’s like packing a week of studying at Oneness University in India into one weekend much, much closer to home! I can’t urge you enough to consider attending.

How did I experience personal growth from this course? Today, I’m feeling lighter, brighter, happier, clearer, more authentic, more vulnerable, more loving, and more self-aware. I am so deeply grateful, so moved, so in awe of the miracle that life is. I feel motivated, grounded, and present to life. In short, I am feeling more fully alive. I’m still a work in progress, but I feel able to look back on these challenging months and humbly say, “thank you” to my Highest Sacred Self that engineered this miraculous growth. How blessed am I.

Wishing for you that you receive all the gifts of life and love – and please consider taking this course! Spread the word! More details about the course logistics to follow. –  with love, Paula