From Writing


The new website is finally live, I’m writing my first blog entry for the site, and I find myself strangely struggling with words.  Not what I would have predicted when I created this space for a blog.  I’ve been waiting so long for the website to be finished, and was hoping to dazzle you with a cleverly worded first entry.  That seems less and less likely as I write this.

More and more lately, my desire is to say less and to just be more – that is, to be in a state of beingness, to be my authentic Self – which is a concentration of energy that shifts and changes with invisible tides.

When I allow myself to just “be,” I am breathing and pausing….pausing long enough for Spirit to find the right words to express through me. Sometimes those words spill out awkwardly, bouncing all over the place in unpredictable ways. This feels like one of those times.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t want to force this thing called “self-expression.”  The writing of others that I most admire comes not from their wondrous minds, but from a Source that is using their words.  I want to be used in this way, and so I am letting go and allowing.  I am pausing and waiting.

So I invite you to enter the “pause” with me.  Keep breathing.  Wait as long as you need to, and just allow the words to unfold.  It’s fun to see what emerges!

I decree that there be no self-judgment in this space.  Let’s be authentic.  I ask you to drop into your heart and share from there.   Let’s hold space for the best in each of us to rise up like a wave.

I would love to build community in this space.   Your beingness is most welcome and appreciated!