Image: Energy fieldOur unique, individual life form is made up of an intricate energy field that is seen by clairvoyants in layers surrounding each chakra. The Sanskrit word “chakra” refers to a “wheel” of energy, or vortex of energy, in the body.  This energy field is called our aura.  We are a multi-layered, multi-dimensional, energy miracle!  Each layer of our aura is organized around specific themes or tasks related to the chakras, including survival, emotions, actions, love, communication, perception, and spiritual attunement.

Learn more about aura themes and colors by downloading this chart of the aura layers and meanings.

Learn more about chakras by downloading this chart of chakra common qualities and meanings.

When Paula gives a Clairvoyant Reading, she reads the detailed energy “pictures” contained in your aura.  These pictures may appear as symbols, metaphors, or sometimes very realistic aspects of a person’s life.  They correspond to the themes of the aura layers.

Paula can see such things as where you are growing and changing, what ancestral or past life patterns are influencing you, how you use your energy, where your talents lie, and how your body and spirit are working together or need assistance.

In an hour-long clairvoyant reading, the first half hour is usually spent reading the aura layers.  In the second half hour, any specific questions are answered.    A full hour can also be devoted to answering questions.

Paula can answer your questions about love and relationships, money/career, health issues, past lives affecting current situations, spiritual connection, and more.  In lighting up aura pictures, energy is activated and often shifted, making way for greater body/spirit alignment, insight, and joy.  Readings are done by phone, skype, or in-person.

Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant Readings focus intensely on your unique body/spirit connection, describing in detailed pictures what is currently happening in all aspects of your life at the present time.

One-hour Clairvoyant Reading:

In Person: $145

Phone/Skype: $140

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