Daffodilian Tango

I know, it’s a silly title, but I’ve got a fever; a Spring fever, that is! It’s that time again – the holiday weekend of Easter and Passover, along with the renewal of Spring here in the Midwest (finally!). I just came from the local drug store, its aisles bursting with Easter chocolates and Marshmallow Peeps. An internal check-in revealed some blessed lightness in the old heart – a fluttering of hope and faith in a paradigm-shifting rebirth sprouting now.

It’s been a wild ride for me this year, as well as for many of my friends, clients, and readers. If your life has felt like an over-the-top tango on Dancing With The Stars, you’re not alone. If you’ve heard an urgent rasping in your ear to “grow, grow, grow,” you are not alone. It’s been a year of deeper awakening for many of us, and as I’ve written you often, the dance of awakening can be sometimes challenging as well as miraculous!

One year ago, the opportunity to write a book unexpectedly fell in my lap. Even before I’d signed the publisher’s contract, I knew the universe was asking me to face every doubt about worthiness that I’d managed to stuff into the deeper recesses of unconsciousness. There was no way I could avoid growing, and to be honest, the journey of writing the book was littered with the residue of uninvited resistance, especially in the early months of the process.

In facing each fear and challenge as it arose, however, resistance eventually gave way to glorious flow….and that luscious flow delivered a magical little book into the world. I’m proud to announce its availability now for purchase. The book is called “The Oneness Blessing; How Deeksha Can Help You Become Your Authentic Self, Heal Your Relationships, and Transform the World.” If you receive it in the same spirit it is offered, you might just undergo a gift of transformation yourself.

The grace of interviewing 20 awakened, evolving Oneness Trainers from around the country shines through the pages of the book. Their experiences of what it means to lead an awakened life may inspire and guide you, as it has for me. The book is like a roadmap for the awakening process and how it expresses as abundance, prosperity, loving relationships, purpose, renewed health, everyday miracles, relief from cravings and addictions, and very importantly, unconditional self-acceptance. If you want to read more about it and purchase it, click here

The tango of transformation unexpectedly delivered another wake-up call to me as soon as the book’s manuscript was in the publisher’s hands early January: a health issue shook me to the core and made me appreciate life and love as never before. Happily for me, the experience has come with miracles too. I’ll share more about that and the spiritual gifts of wake-up calls in the next post. Happy springtime of the heart! (If you ask for it, heart-flowering will find you….if you need help, I’m here.)

Wishing for you abundant Love and Blessings!


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