Courses and workshops help you deepen your connection to the One Essence that lives within you – the same sacred Light that animates all living things. Whether you call this Light the Divine, Great Spirit, Higher Power, God, Christ, Buddha, Angels, Guides, Higher Self, Source, or whatever this energy means to you, your inner Light is the key to receiving guidance, experiencing joy, and living in your authentic purpose.  It’s your birthright!

Group events support you in accessing your inner sacredness to receive the gifts of wholeness.  Join in and be lifted by our inherent oneness with each other. As we deepen our relationship with our self, we simultaneously deepen our connection to others.  The power of group connection amplifies and supports our individual and collective visions, insights, and goals.


Upcoming Events

Overcoming Internal Barriers to Love

Sunday, FEB. 4, 2018, 2-4:30PM, in-person workshop in Chicago!    OVERCOMING INTERNAL BARRIERS TO LOVE A workshop for singles and those in dating relationships    (women only) Have you been hurt by love? Are you feeling stuck in your romantic life?  Are you looking for love?  Do you fear love just isn’t in the cards for … Read more

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