The unmistakable air of springtime is here in Chicago and that means it’s the launch of growing season, the time of “green’s” return. We love spring for its effect on our sensory experiences. Winter’s sleepy introversion has a new, emerging alertness, a little more bounce it its step. Hearts perk up to an unseen signal, an expansion of the light, known through the joyful sight and smell of budding flowers, warmer breezes, and fresh grass. Something stirs. A fundamental, internal energy beckons us to renewal and rebirth. We are animals, after all, and we belong to the natural world of rhythms and cycles, of death and rebirth. In spring and summer, our souls are free to guzzle heartily of the luscious, physical aliveness of earthly life.

Perhaps your soul is feeling this call. Perhaps a thirst for new frontiers of emotional growth is shyly expressing or perhaps you’re urgently demanding it from the heavens now. Have you been slogging through spiritual growth all winter? Are you ready for a bright burst of expansion? Well, if so, I’ve got something really great to bring to your attention. Of course, the the choice is always yours to take it nice and slow…or to say, “bring it on, baby!”

Either way, emotional/spiritual growth is yours for the asking, and it’s about pushing beyond the timeworn boundaries of fear, and moving into the sometimes-uncomfortable terrain of what is yet to be discovered. But let me tell you, fresh from the emotional trenches myself these past twelve months, I can assure you that nothing is sweeter than the freedom that emotional and spiritual growth brings…the internal freedom to be all that you can, during your time here on earth. For we can stay internally locked up within our wounds, fears, and perceived limitations, or we can awaken to the gifts of awareness, courage, vulnerability, expanded consciousness, authenticity, and, of course, love – as we’ve never before known love. We can experience life, as we’ve never before known life. I’m talking miraculous transformation. It doesn’t come in a second, but believe me, it’s a coming if you want it!

I’d just like to take a moment to share some personal experiences this year of challenges and, yes, miracles in my life – in hopes of inspiring you to take the risks that inner growth invites. Today is the one-year anniversary of a major surgery I underwent, after receiving a uterine cancer diagnosis. I had a full hysterectomy that day, one year ago, and my oncologist reported to me, as I returned to consciousness right after surgery, that they saw no evidence of cancer. The organs removed were then thoroughly biopsied after the surgery, and my doctor actually reversed the original diagnosis of cancer, reporting only some pre-cancerous changes.

As spring turned to summer last year, I spent a long recovery time both in huge gratitude and also in deep ambivalence, confusion, and even anger about why I had to go through that surgery. Why did I have to lose my precious organs? I had a tremendous miracle – no cancer – but resisted acceptance and forgiveness.

The month after surgery, my book The Oneness Blessing was published and got fabulous reviews. I was struggling internally with all the resistance to changes. Four months after surgery, I went through an arduous move from one apartment to another. In the midst of that, my mother had a scary health crisis that lingered for several months. This was followed by the sudden death of my beloved kitty, Ozzie, which was quickly followed by the need to move once again – for my new apartment apparently had some highly toxic substance in it; I unexpectedly developed asthma and other weird symptoms, after moving in. So I found a new apartment and moved last month for the second time within one year. I have no symptoms or signs of asthma now, by the way!

The huge changes this year brought out great strength, flexibility, acceptance, resourcefulness, and courage in me that I didn’t think possible. Without deep faith, sacred grace, the Oneness Phenomenon community, and the emotional support of friends and family, I couldn’t have firmly re-anchored my life in dedication to growth, consciousness expansion, and, experienced, as I look back on it today, a true rebirth into a much greater capacity for love, connection, and authenticity. In retrospect, and in gratitude today, I see that there was a lot of illusory “control” I needed to give up in order to step into the needed growth.

I wouldn’t wish the intensity of all these experiences for you, but the world, overall, is having extremely intense times. It’s both the best of times and the worst of times, as it’s said. However, we are changing consciousness now by a massive, global awakening to growth, healing, and expansion – at the same time that violence rages on, and people and the environment are exploited.

Growth is an internal job. As you’ve heard over and over, we change the world by changing ourselves. It starts first internally. We work on those familiar issues of forgiveness, trust, honesty, and awareness. We see the moldy illusions that our minds cling to. We see our games, our self-floggings, our judgments, our trying to control and blame others or other things, so that we can feel safe. We see that our true safety and growth lay only in letting go of all that is untrue. It’s important to set a strong intention to grow – to be the solution, to be that person who stands in truth, inner freedom, and awakening.

SO SAVE THE DATE OF FRIDAY NIGHT, MAY 20 – SUNDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 22, FOR AN EVENT CALLED “THE PHENOMENON AND THE GIFT”. This weekend course will truly rock your status quo with growth! It is a course that is broadcast live (simultaneously in 7 U.S. cities) from the Oneness Temple in India, taught by highly awakened Oneness Guides, and held only in Chicago (yay!), Denver, Austin, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Kansas City, and Boise.

A huge benefit from this course is that you will be initiated to give the Golden Orb Deeksha – a powerful new form of Oneness Blessing from the heart. There are no prerequisites. Giving it to others will change you, and others will receive its many blessings.

I’m helping to plan the Chicago event. At this moment, we’re still working on securing the venue. Exact location in the Chicago area and pricing will soon be announced, so stay tuned. I took this same course in Toronto recently and found that it’s like packing a week of studying at Oneness University in India into one weekend much, much closer to home! I can’t urge you enough to consider attending.

How did I experience personal growth from this course? Today, I’m feeling lighter, brighter, happier, clearer, more authentic, more vulnerable, more loving, and more self-aware. I am so deeply grateful, so moved, so in awe of the miracle that life is. I feel motivated, grounded, and present to life. In short, I am feeling more fully alive. I’m still a work in progress, but I feel able to look back on these challenging months and humbly say, “thank you” to my Highest Sacred Self that engineered this miraculous growth. How blessed am I.

Wishing for you that you receive all the gifts of life and love – and please consider taking this course! Spread the word! More details about the course logistics to follow. –  with love, Paula