If you’re ready to amplify your self-understanding a hundred-fold, then take a look at your regular habits through the magnifying glass of expanded consciousness.  It will be a humbling, but powerful event, I promise.

I have been propelled to do this since my colleague Carolyn Blum approached me about teaching a class with her that we now have called “Freeing Yourself from Self-Limiting Habits and Behaviors.”  I said yes to her collaboration because we both know that breaking habits entails a no-holds-barred approach that enlists body, mind, and spirit in a process of transformation.   Carolyn and I each bring different experiences and tools to the transformation process. along with qualities that generally complement each other.  We saw that collaborating could help others more than just teaching alone.

I say that our qualities “generally complement each other” because, in the process of working together, we encountered the mirror effect:  we mirrored to the other some of our self-limiting, conditioned habits of relating and reacting. Yup, when you’re working solo, it’s easy to settle into your comfy ways of coping with reality, but any kind of relationship will often take you out of your illusions of comfort and control.  In the process of collaborating with Carolyn, I soon discovered that that I had yet another major, self-limiting habit of my own to transform.

By the grace of the Divine, many habits that I’ve had over my lifetime that involved substances (like food), or activities (like isolating) have been transformed.  But I still struggle with mental habits of conditioned reactivity.  For instance, one of my habits has to do with the way I react to what my mind interprets as profound disrespect.  Despite an intellectual understanding that I am good enough or that I have a right to my feelings, I have noticed that when someone (because of something going on in them) says something that seems to imply (from the viewpoint of my ego) that my very existence is wrong, I go nuts.

When this happens, I become very angry and say stupid things.  Later, I am filled with regret and see how I could have responded differently.  Yet, I will repeat this conditioned response again and again.

Yes, we can and do blame this sort of thing on our parents or ancestors or karma….but when it comes down to it, our awareness of the problem leaves us feeling bad about ourselves and out of integrity with our own values.

The class Carolyn and I are teaching looks at the different kinds of habits we’ve acquired to cope with life under the microscope.  As a group, we will support each other, explore tools for change, and call on the Divine for help using meditations and Oneness Blessings for expansion of consciousness.

One thing I know is that I do not want to suffer.  While we all are under the over-influence of our minds, we will experience suffering.  With awareness and tools, we can call on a Higher Power for help…and that’s the ticket to transformation.

Because Carolyn and I believe in the value of this work so much, we are putting the class fee on sale for the next three days — we want more bodies in our classroom!  Until Monday, Nov. 26, midnight, there’s a 2 for 1 special.  You can bring a friend or loved one for free and/or pay $50 each.  Habit Workshop Flyer Evanston Dec 2012.