Image: Happy sunAs a Certified Oneness Trainer, Certified Meditation Instructor, and Certified Intrinsic Coach® in addition to over 22 years of shamanic healing experience, Paula’s tools powerfully support you in getting clarity about all life issues that are important to you.  All of our life issues affect our health and well-being in some way.  Confusion and inner conflict create anxiety, frustration, and quite often, inaction.  But when you have clarity, support, relaxation, and inner peace, the motivation and steps to achieving goals unfold naturally and easily.

Coaching with Paula is not about “shoulds” or long “to do” lists.  Her style of coaching focuses on the uniqueness and potential of the present moment.  These sessions support men and women in moving beyond limited thinking, unleashing passionate motivation, getting connected with inner guidance, and the unfolding of goals.  The unique key to happiness and well-being lies within each individual.  Paula supports you in accessing the answers that are just right for you.

Paula’s style of coaching powerfully supports:

  • Stress control, including meditation for finding inner stillness
  • Clarity that comes from being your authentic self
  • Self-acceptance and self-worth issues
  • Fitness and weight challenges
  • Handling health concerns
  • Finding relief from self-defeating habits, addictions, and patterns
  • Career, prosperity, and work issues
  • Relationship challenges
  • Going beyond feeling “stuck”
  • Energetic and spiritual transformation

Sessions are powerful, affordable and conveniently done by telephone or Skype.  The first sessions is one hour in length and costs $125.   After that, 50-minute sessions are possible if desired, priced at $108 per session.  It is recommended to have a minimum of  three to six sessions.

Discounted packages of 3 continuing coaching sessions (each session 50 minutes long) are available for  $275. (15% savings)

A highly recommended (and “best deal”) is the 6-hour Transformational Package (which includes 5 or 6 sessions, depending on the type of session).  This powerful package includes 2 initial one-hour sessions or one two-hour shamanic soul retrieval session, followed by 4 sessions that are each`one-hour long. There is also flexibility to individually tailor a package to fit your needs. (can include readings or energy clearing). Total investment:  $556, normally costing $690-$695 if bought individually. You’ll save 20% with this package and see so much growth, support, and change in your life.

Also offered is a powerful hybrid session:  An affordable stand-alone, custom-tailored coaching and telephone aura energy clearing session is available for $135 by phone.  A session like this uniquely blends aura energy clearing with coaching and/or guided meditation to laser-focus on the energetic core of issues.  In combining coaching/meditation with energy work, huge shifts can happen in a very short time! Paula highly recommends a session like this in lieu of standard aura/chakra cleansing.


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