Looking For A Sign?

photodune-6777212-paradigm-shift--xsOften, when I feel confused or indecisive about a choice I need to make, I ask the universe for a sign.  I know a lot of people do this. Because the universe is responsive, intelligent, and infinitely creative, signs come in many unexpected forms. It’s a lot of fun to ask the universe for a sign when you need an answer.

Have you been wondering if you might benefit from a healing session? Maybe you’ve been toying with the idea of contacting me for a soul retrieval, energy clearing, or reading.

Or perhaps you’ve been thinking of joining the upcoming telephonic Career Empowerment Group, where you’ll get to work with your own personal Career Spirit Guide, who knows and loves you beyond your wildest imagination. Because I must tell you this is the final call to join a brand new group that will meet for six weeks by phone, once a week for an hour. It will start next week, and the day/time will be determined by group concensus so it will be convenient for you. In this small, telephonic group of no more than six people (plus me), you will be using shamanic meditations and processes to get great career guidance directly from your Source. There will be goal-setting processes, releasing of limiting beliefs, and sorting through the self-sabotaging ways in which you might be hindering yourself from moving forward in manifesting passions and purpose. There will be energy transmissions to put wings under your feet! And there will be gentle accountability to nudge you past any fears or inertia. 6 weeks of fun and support for $159…the registration will close today and the group is nearly filled.

So, this is your SIGN that the universe wants you to fly…to shine your authentic Light brilliantly for the benefit of humankind, your soul, your relationships, and your bank account. And why wait? It feels good to take action and to grow. Contact me with questions, to make an appointment, or to register at paula@fromtheheartcenter.com or 773-791-8425.