Meeting the Divine In Meditation

Depending on the tradition, there are a number of ways to practice mindfulness meditation.    One style of mindfulness meditation that I like asks us to keep our attention on our nostrils, the place where breath flows in and out.   In a previous post, I outlined the simple steps for doing this type of meditation.

Why focus on the nostrils?  One of the reasons is because that is the place where we can be very fully present to the moment, for life requires breath, and to be aware of breathing in and out is to be aware of life occurring right here, right now.

The place where the breath goes in and out of our bodies, at the nostrils, is so taken for granted, but what a sacred spot that is!   Of course, our entire body is a sacred and mysterious temple, but this one little spot is where we can consciously intersect with the present moment, bridging the gap between what is seen and what is unseen, the manifest (our bodies) and the un-manifest (the Divine).

When we remain steadfast in our determination to focus on the breath at the nostrils, the practice becomes like a “home base.”  Each time our concentration is led astray by the wild thoughts constantly generated by the mind, we can gently return our concentration “home,” back to the infinite harbor of the present moment.

For it is in the present moment that we experience freedom.  It is in the present moment where we meet the What Is.  It is in the What Is that we come to know the divine nature of our consciousness.

What an adventure to hang out with the What Is!  In the space of your meditation practice, it is a quietly thrilling ride that is unique each and every time you sit down to meditate.   Its nature, while eternal, is also infinitely unfolding, infinitely creative.  It is your consciousness.  It is the One consciousness.  It is alive.  It is bliss.

Do some of you think meditation is boring?  Stay with the practice!  It is a practice that develops and deepens with repeated use.  I recommend creating a new habit of meditation.  Choose a regular time of the day to do it.  Start with as little as 10 minutes and expand from there.  Set a timer, focus on your breathing at the nostrils, and allow whatever happens to happen.  Let go of judgment.  Be curious, and as you notice your focus straying, gather up those wild and random thoughts and bring them home.


One more suggestion:  Perhaps begin your meditation session with a prayer or intention.  Call on a power greater than yourself to meet up with you in your breath and ask It to reveal Itself to you.  Then let go and allow the What Is to be present.


I would love to hear your thoughts or questions if you care to share them here.  Our sharing and questions help us all to learn from one another.

Wishing you great adventures in consciousness.  By the way, you’ve probably heard that the “veils” between dimensions are thin around the time of Halloween.  So take advantage and be a fearless explorer of your own inner dimensions.  Inner worlds yet unseen await!