The following article was written in 2012 after I experienced the first Oneness Meditation event in the U.S. with Doug Bentley. If you haven’t participated in a Oneness Meditation, I highly recommend it! – Paula

Doug Bentley is an amazing being. If you see his friendly face, you’ll think he’s a very approachable “regular” kind of guy. If I’m remembering his story correctly, he was a non-believing American, in his early twenties, and working in technology when he first encountered the Oneness Blessing. Introduced by a friend to it, and extremely skeptical, he received Deeksha and soon after, had an opportunity to work with energy in a new way for him, and with huge results.

A close family member was struggling with a terrible illness and Doug was able to be a channel of immediate healing for her. This was his wake up call and now, just a handful of years later, he is a rare westerner living as an esteemed monk at Oneness University in India. In fact, he is the National Coordinator of Oneness North America, and has just launched a tour that will take him to many cities in the U.S. and Canada in 2012, sharing a very powerful new delivery of the Deeksha via meditation and eye contact.

I don’t’ know how well I can communicate to you the nature of this energy of the Oneness Blessing, this Deeksha. The experience is different for each and every person who receives it.   All of us are on our unique and unpredictable spiritual journey. For some, the effect of Deeksha has been nothing short of an instant miracle.   These people are rare, but there have been people who have had a sudden and permanent transformation of consciousness from one Deeksha.

For most who have received repeated Deekshas, the path is one of steady change – of a gradual sense of increased clarity, inner peace, health, deep connection to their Divine, and perhaps the welcome experience of spontaneous release of various addictions or patterns of thinking or behavior.

This past weekend, Doug Bentley shared an experience so profound that having had it, I can say that I will never be the same. I realized that I have never truly known beyond a doubt, as I came to know yesterday, the mystery of the Oneness that we share and the essential inner divinity that is the true nature of all beings.

Of course, I have known about it through passing meditative states and through the work I do as a healer – as a channel of healing for others. I’ve read about it in sacred texts, inhaled it in poetry and great works of art, written about it, and craved it in the tangible words and actions of the loved ones who have touched my life. I’ve sensed it, dreamed of it, gotten tastes of it, yearned for more of it, and have gone to great lengths to elevate my consciousness with hope of truly finding permanent inner joy.

We speak of unconditional love, but never before have I felt, to that extent, the absolute bliss of its vibration throughout my entire being. My mouth literally dropped open, tears dripped from my eyes, and my heart swelled just like you hear about in songs — as I saw absolute love shimmering in the gorgeous eyes, face, and body of a human being who was simply sharing pure, unbounded, unguarded, causeless joy and love.

How blessed I feel today. How much I want to bypass the limitations of my ever-judging, ever-assessing mind that ordinarily keeps me in various states of suffering – at arms length from bliss.

The teachings tell me that I should contemplate the fact that this mind of mine is not my mind. It is just a running commentary that I can simply observe, without attachment. Elevating consciousness, for most of us, is a process of studying teachings such as this one, contemplating them, meditating on them, and raising our own kundalini energy through meditation and practices, in order to step more fully into being a living expression of the teachings…to just be pure existence, consciousness, and bliss.

Ultimately, we might all awaken in our life times, and be able to sit, just as Doug does, humbly, rooted in our common humanity, existing in a state of natural bliss that overflows like a gushing fountain. This bliss is infinite in its source, connected to a dimension that is beyond words, that is a state of sacred love and Grace….the essence of the Divine, and the essence of what each of us truly is.

Please, if you have the opportunity, experience a Oneness Meditation. You can find listings for U.S. Oneness Meditation livestreams as well as in-person events at You can also find local Certified Oneness Trainers there and Oneness Blessing events. Another website to check out is If you can, go to a local Oneness Blessing circle. There are many of trainers all over the world. This movement is huge. Business people from Asia are attending classes at Oneness University. Can you imagine that there are now corporations embracing it overseas? My friends, let it find you!

And what did we, who attended the Oneness Meditation Launch, do with all that unbridled love that Doug unleashed? We hugged a lot, talked freely, gazed at others with acceptance and love, and laughed easily. We saw the Divinity in each other and knew that we were all alike. We all want the same thing because we are One. Any separation is just a trick of the mind. Does it get any better than that?

When I got home from D.C., I went to the grocery store to pick up some food. I saw sadness, despair, and resignation in the eyes of many people there. I wanted to grab them and look deeply into them with all the love in my heart. I wanted them to know they are perfect, that they are loved. But I knew they would think me crazy if I did. I let it stop me.

If this is crazy, I think I need some more!  Even if I wake up tomorrow crabby, and even if the joy of this weekend fades from my memory, I know what I know.   This is the time of remembering and there’s only one direction to move in…forward.

– Paula Rosenfeld