pain and bliss

Since I’ve been back from India and continue to integrate my awakening experience, there’s some unfinished business from the past that’s emerged.  I find myself thinking of a certain unresolved situation from my past.   It’s showing itself as a “charge”….an energy that’s lingering in my consciousness that feels uncomfortable.

Since I’m mainly feeling peaceful, when this charge has been showing up periodically, I’ve found myself surprised.  Where did this come from?   I finally realized I needed to take some serious time to pay attention to it, because it wasn’t going away on its own.

There’s a magnetic pull between pain and bliss that is the backdrop of life, itself.  The phenomenon of pain or discomfort  is a never-ending call to its relief.  When pain is relieved, we are able to return to our natural state of being — which is bliss.  Once again, I’ve been reminded that staying present to the full experience of emotional discomfort or pain is a journey that leads back to bliss.

May I share the steps of the journey with you?  My particular discomfort is unique to my experience, but the steps to relieving it are universal.  I offer it to you for your own use as a wonderful tool for happiness and spiritual growth.

This is what happened when I made some  time to focus on the charge:  First, I noted that I am not feeling acute emotional pain in this particular charge, but it definitely is discomfort.  It’s like an itch that must be scratched.  Paying attention to it, I find  the charge embedded in the top of my head as a heavy sensation.  I ask my Divine to support me in fully experiencing the sensation of this heaviness.

Without resistance to the sensation, and just noticing it, I gradually feel a shift in its intensity.  I give myself over to patiently staying with it — not feeling any urgency or inclination to make it speed up or finish its process.

After some time, I find myself laughing.  Yes, the discomfort and heavy sensation is now light….and then it disappears completely, leaving me feeling happy, giggling for no apparent reason, in bliss.

This is a miracle we all can experience at any time, with the help of our Divine.  Whether you call this higher power God, or Source, or Buddha, of Jesus, or whoever or whatever….call on this Divine Force to help you fully experience your experience.  Take the journey back to bliss.  It’s your birthright!