Pain is a door

I’ve been staying with the topic of my physical pain – my challenged back.  It continues to come and go, but my experience of it is changing.

I now understand that is it a door for me to connect with the Presence. Yes,  today I am seeing my pain as a gift — how amazing a realization this is! I’ve gone from resisting pain all my life to understanding in a deeper way that by going within myself, entering the pain, so to speak, I am connecting with the Presence of a power greater than myself which lives both in me and outside of me….a dimension without pain, conflict, or suffering.

The Presence exists at all times but mainly our minds have shoved out awareness of it.   The Presence is the domain of the Divine.  It is our resistance to the suffering of pain that keeps shut the door to the Presence.

Even as I sit here writing this, my mind is rearing up strongly to protect me from letting go of pain.  My mind is actually creating a knot in my neck.  That’s how strong the power of the mind can be if, in the words of the amazing healer John Newton, we let the mind drive the bus.  In my case, my mind has gotten way too used to driving the bus of pain.  It apparently will not give up it’s job too easily.  But that’s okay — I’m no victor yet, but I’ve seen the enemy.

Research has shown that awareness of pain comes through the mind. The nervous system translate the experience of pain into a “story.”  It interprets the pain.  To bypass the story and enter the bodily experience of pain is to have a sensory experience.

The pain will feel like something when we tune inwards.   It may be a tingling sensation or feel like heat or burning.  Bypassing the mind – by moving deeper into the experience of pain within – can deliver us to some pretty interesting experiences.  We might see visions of things from our past.  We might have emotions emerge.  By calling on whatever you call the Divine (Higher Power, Infinite Source, God, etc.) eventually, we are delivered to that place of no pain.

This is just the beginning.  With tremendous gratitude to the beautiful and amazing enlightened teachers in my life and in the world, the opportunity to grow in awareness continues.