Clairvoyant Readings
Clairvoyant Readings focus intensely on your unique body/spirit connection, describing in detailed pictures what is currently happening in all aspects of your life at the present time.

Akashic Record Consultations
Akashic Record Consultations provide an opportunity for healing and insight into the root, spiritual cause of problems and allows you to view relationships, gifts, career issues, health concerns, and spiritual purpose from a higher perspective.

One-hour Clairvoyant Reading or Akashic Record Reading:

In Person: $140

Phone/Skype: $135



Transformational Healing Modalties:

Aura Energy Healing
This off-the-body energy work removes misplaced energies from your aura and chakras; it energetically restores a sense of inner balance, of energy flow, and of having your own space. It can sweep away resistance, “heavy” feelings, and the energetic residue from alcohol or drugs. This type of session can promote a feeling of lightness and a return to one’s innate joy.

One-hour Aura Energy Clearing:

In Person: $140

Phone: $135

Add-on to Reading: $120

Aura Energy Clearing combined with Guided Meditation: $145 in person, $140 by phone


Half-hour Aura Energy Clearing:

Phone Stand-alone: $80

Ad-on to Reading: $70


Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Extraction
This is a powerful, ancient practice traditionally done in tribal cultures all over the world. When assaulted by trauma, parts of our soul can disconnect in order to help us survive the experience. This disconnection occurs in cases of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, accidents, addictions, extreme stress, surgeries, relationship losses, and many other life experiences. When essences of your soul become lost due to trauma, your innate spiritual wholeness and personal power must be restored. Unwanted energetic “intrusions” are usually extracted as well, and reconnection with a Spirit Guide is also possible.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Extraction Session for People (about 2 hours long):

In Person: $240

Phone/Skype: $230

Shamanic Extraction Session (75 minutes) $155 in person, $150 by phone.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Extraction for Animals (about 90 minute session):

Phone: $175


Wellness Coaching
As a Certified Intrinsic Coach®, Paula Rosenfeld helps you to find your best thinking about all issues that are important to you. When you have clarity, the motivation and steps to achieving your wellness goals unfold naturally. Clients report fantastic results for weight loss, exercise, motivation, stress reduction, relationships, work issues, feeling “stuck, and giving up unwanted habits.

Coaching (Phone only and may include healing and guidance):

One-hour Session: $125

Package of 2 sessions: $225

Transformational Shamanic Coaching Package is the most powerful and best financial deal for Soul Retrieval & Extraction and Coaching/Healing services. It’s a flexible, power-packed Package that supports the deepest shifts to occur in the shortest time. It will be custom-tailored just for you and may include any of these modalities listed.

Cost for entire package which includes Soul Retrieval with 4 follow-up Coaching/Healing Sessions or 3 soul retrievals.   Package: $625


Shamanic Journey Circles and Meditation Experiences
These practices and processes are tools for self-knowledge, stress reduction, and spiritual empowerment. For those clients desiring to deepen their intimate, co-creative connection with their essence, Paula provides Meditation and Shamanic Journeywork experiences in individual and group sessions.

Personal Meditation Coaching with custom Guided Meditation: $130