Come Alive in Your Life!

Rediscover the zing, zip and incredible zeal of your soul and bring life to your deepest desires. Connect with the “special powers” we all have! As we move through the fears, resentments, distractions, and limiting beliefs that keep us unfocused or disconnected from our highest expression, we experience a magical unfolding of our soul’s path. You will come to know and trust the light within that is always guiding. The time is now, to move through old patterns of frustration or unworthiness, and receive the happiness, success, and abundance that is yours for the asking!

This work can restore you to your natural state of wholeness, joy, physical health, creativity, and spiritual empowerment. It can help establish the magical harmony of body, mind, and spirit…the inner state of balance which makes ordinary life feel quite extraordinary!

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Individual Sessions

Sessions include one modality or a combination of several modalities, each one a key to illuminating, strengthening, and transforming an individual’s life experience. After a session, clients often report feeling amazingly empowered to move forward in their relationships, work, health, and spiritual development. New insights and opportunities may suddenly arise. The inner work we do together can have profound affects on relationships, health, as well as job and business development.

Individual sessions provide invaluable support during periods of stress, confusion, spiritual growth and life changes, especially important in these times of unprecedented and rapid change. Whether your goal is financial prosperity, love, good relationships, life purpose, business coaching, or specific health needs like weight loss, exercise, or the giving up of unwanted habits or addictions– the spiritual support is available to make all the desires of your heart come true.

All individual sessions can also include Oneness Blessing transmissions if you desire.


Transformational Healing:

Transformational Shamanic Healing Package

A flexible, power-packed Package that supports the deepest spiritual shifts to occur in the shortest time. It will be custom-tailored just for you and may include any of the modalities listed above. We can creatively focus on whatever issues in which you’d like a rapid shift!

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