There are many forms of meditation, considered to be both in-body and out-of-body methods. Some types of meditation involve chanting and visualization. Others, like Mindfulness Meditation, focus on breathing. As a Certified Meditation Instructor, a Certified Oneness Trainer and a Shamanic Practitioner, Paula teaches many different forms of meditation.  The purpose of meditation instruction is to create relaxation, spiritual growth, and personal transformation.  Meditation calms, clears, and transcends the chattering of our minds.  A regular practice of meditation can open one to insights, calmness, balance, profound joy, and has many documented health benefits, including stress reduction and pain reduction.

Meditation, Oneness Groups & Shamanic Journey Circles

~ Paula offers meditation coaching and class instruction in the form of meditation that comes from the Buddhist Vipassana (Mindfulness) tradition. This type of meditation is especially powerful for cultivating heightened awareness, compassion, focus, and concentration, as well as the health benefits mentioned above.  Classes and instruction offer support in sitting in silence, with beneficial posture, as well as discussions of how to deal with distractions and obstacles that one encounters in the practice of mindfulness.

~ As an Awakened, Certified Oneness Trainer, Paula teaches ancient meditations from the Vedic tradition that include chanting and visualization. These forms of meditation serve to raise the Kundalini energy, which is the life force energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine. When it rises upward through the chakras, Kundalini energy is thought to open these energy centers, clearing blockages, and ultimately creating a possibility for Awakening. (Read Paula’s book The Oneness Blessing for more information about Awakening.)

~  Paula also offers individually guided visualization/meditation sessions, which are extremely powerful for healing and promoting a sense of being centered, grounded, and in charge of one’s own space.  This type of meditation is useful for strengthening the body/spirit connection.   It increases self-awareness, expands creativity, moves energy, and amplifies insight and spiritual empowerment.

~  Paula leads an out-of-body form of meditation as well, known as shamanic journeying.  Like many types of meditation, it is a way of having direct, conscious experience of our Spirit.  In a shamanic journey, we meet with our personal Spiritual Guides (who could be avatars, angels, ascended masters, or other beings) and Power Animals (Totems), often receiving life-changing guidance and healing by direct revelation.

A shamanic journey is traditionally accompanied by rhythmic drumming or rattling, which enables a shift in consciousness.   Journeyers go into a deep alpha state that enhances creativity, intuition, and ecstatic experiences.

Paula facilitates both in-person and telephonic Journey Circles and drums for groups of people who do sacred ceremony and shamanic journeying together.  In doing this, we deepen our individual connection to the one Essence and we also deepen our connections to each other.  Sharing our journeys at a journey circle allows us to see ourselves in other people, and to see that they are much like us.  We begin to understand at a very deep level that we are all truly One.

Paula is available for private or group meditation and shamanic journey instruction and to facilitate Shamanic Journey Circles.  Costs vary. Contact Paula for more information.

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