Image: Soul of a womanShamanism is a worldview, more than 40,000 years old, based on a belief that all living things are imbued with the one Great Spirit that animates the universe.   It matters not if you call this Great Spirit the Divine, or God, or a Higher Power.  These are all names for the one unifying Essence that breathes life into all things.  This Essence is accessible for guidance and healing to everyone.

Shamanic practices found in indigenous cultures throughout the planet have long-celebrated the interconnectedness of people, animals, plants, the earth, and all other celestial bodies.

A shaman is a healer and visionary for her or his community.  Walking in two worlds, a shaman bridges the gap between the sacred, metaphysical world and physical life on Earth.

The ancient practice of soul retrieval and extraction is based on the belief that when a person or animal experiences trauma, he or she loses a part of his or her soul.  In order to survive the experience, the soul part disassociates (a psychological term), becoming “stuck” in what is called non-ordinary reality.

A shamanic practitioner must travel in a “journey” (an out-of-body meditation) to this non-ordinary reality to retrieve the soul part and restore it to the person or animal.  When soul parts have been missing, what often replaces them is called an “intrusion.”  Intrusions are misplaced energy that comes from storing one’s own repressed emotions or acquired energy from other people.

These intrusions block the free, healthy flow of a person’s energy.  In “extracting” intrusions and returning soul parts, the shamanic practitioner restores balance and wholeness to the client.  In restoring wholeness, the shaman restores innate spiritual power and the ability to move forward with spiritual connectedness.

Death is another dimension of being that is accessed by the shamanic practitioner.  Soul parts from other lifetimes or soul parts in the current lifetime of deceased loved ones or pets may also become “stuck” in non-ordinary reality and need to be brought to the Light.  This, too, is one of the services Paula provides and is called Psychopomp work. The practice of Psychopomp liberates the soul of a deceased being so it can fully evolve in the Light. It also serves to free the living person from attachments to those who have transitioned. These attachments can hinder health and happiness.