Summer Love

It’s summer at her best here in Chicago.  We so often take for granted the spiritual power of Mother Earth and the exquisite spirit of her trees.  But in July, we can’t help but celebrate the glory of nature. Even as the challenges and suffering of people all over the planet touch our lives, nature provides comfort, truth, and renewal.

In gratitude for the beautiful summer, I’d like to share this poem I wrote with you.   Happy summer and hope you’re outside, hugging a few beloved trees this month!

                        SUMMER LOVE


A network of swaying, brown arms catch sunlight in mid-air,

Green shimmers lightly off many broad hands,

Artfully rustling thick, dappled foliage

And shaking the quivering, tender fringe in unison, below;    

My ever-present yard tree,

Balancing such lush gymnastics on one sturdy trunk.


And me, unlike my perfect tree, feverishly

Juggling multitudinous worlds on two tiny legs,

Two tentative feet traversing the earth.


My scared little toes commandeer an army of desires,

Pushing a restless body forward in time,

To conquer some new place,

Unable to wait, yearning,

Always yearning for victories down the road,

Weighted down with life-loaded back,

And hoarded memory bundles

Perched precariously on an oddly petite neck.


This two-legged shudders, sways, and shifts,

Just some transient type of being,

Without the grace of feeling rooted,

Without the dignity of age-old belonging.


And you. leafy, ancient one,

Grinning, in your rustling, green knowledge,

At my strange little life form,

Which is huddling for shade,

Grateful for shelter,

Resting momentarily under your radiant, summer love.


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