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Exploring Vulnerability, Acceptance, and Connection With Shamanic Journeying

Join a Two-Part Tele-class on Wed., Aug. 3, from 7:30-9:30pm CST, and Sun., Aug. 7, from 7-9pm CST:  EXPLORING VULNERABILITY, ACCEPTANCE, AND CONNECTION WITH SHAMANIC JOURNEYING

As the poet Rumi wrote: ” Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers that you have built within yourself against it.”


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Do you long for a lover, partner, friend, relative, or spouse who…

  • Sees and honors the real you?
  • Loves you just as you are?
  • Is committed to the relationship’s growth?
  • Shares a profound heart connection?

Using shamanic journeying, meditation, and discussion, we’ll explore how self-awareness, self-acceptance and vulnerability are doors to establishing relationships filled with authenticity and intimate connection.

Class 1: Wed., Aug. 3, 7:30-9:30pm CST, cost $25

Class 2:  Sun., Aug. 7, 7-9pm CST, cost $25

Or:  Both classes paid in advance for $45 total

Take both of one of these classes. If you miss one, a recording will be provided.

Class 1:  During this first class, you will meet our personal Spiritual Guid and have an opportunity to explore areas of lack of awareness and fear that may have been unconsciously sabotaging the happiness of our relationships. You will look at childhood wounds that might be contributing to reactions that push partners away or guild energetic protection around your heart.  You’ll ask your Spiritual Guide to show you karmic (past-life) influences or ancestral conditioning contributing to relationship patterns. With higher spiritual guidance and group energetic support, unexpected insights might be revealed and shifts may occur.

Class 2:  During the second night, we’ll create space for a profound inner journey to help you move into greater self-acceptance and vulnerability.  When you practice unconditional self-acceptance, you attract more unconditional love into your life.  With increased trust and connection to inner guidance, you are able to become more emotionally honest, resilient, courageous, and vulnerable with others in your life…and in return, others may feel greater freedom for acceptance, safety, and vulnerability with you.

Facilitated by Paula Rosenfeld, author, shamanic healer, Oneness Trainer, clairvoyant and Akashic Record reader, and spiritual coach, with over 20 years experience holding sacred space for shamanic journeying.

To Register contact:  paula@fromtheheartcenter.com or 773-791-8425.

Credit cards accepted. Conferencing capability using FreeConferenceCall.com. Most people have free, unlimited calling with this service, but long-distance rates may apply depending on your own carrier and plan. Contact Paula with any questions.

Feedback from previous shamanic teleclass participants:

“I LOVED the tele-class format. One reason I loved it was because of convenience (no commute, doing the class in my own home… and not having to drive 30 minutes home, etc.). I also found I felt very deeply connected with the other participants, so I didn’t long for an opportunity to meet in person. Also, with the shamanic journeys, I felt much more comfortable letting go, releasing, and being with whatever showed up because I didn’t have an “audience” and because I was in my own safe space. I actually think I would have a really hard time journeying in person with a group of people (or at least a much harder time). “                                              -S.B., Chicago area

“I think the class exceeded my expectations. As I’m coming to learn, when I explore my spirituality I often get different outcomes than I expected. Not only did I grow spiritually, I learned so much more about myself and my truth than I anticipated. Most of what I learned was a surprise but in retrospect I can see why I’m being guided this way.”                                         -J.S., Minnesota

 “I am so thankful that I was able to participate in this special class. I feel like I have established a foundation for daily meditation and have become more self-aware of my self-limiting beliefs.  Class was also a great reminder that I am not alone in this physical journey.  I am grateful for the seeds that have been planted and I am excited for the continued growth ahead!”                     -I.M., Chicago area