Here’s what people are saying about Paula Rosenfeld:

“Thanks again for the Soul Retrieval process. Since then, I have noticed an increased capacity for compassion for family and friends, and more passionate dedication to my craft: music creation. The process with you  has also inspired a new song…”

– PX, Chicago area

“You are truly a spiritual warrior – someone who allows vulnerability and honesty to inform your path, and sharing that.  It takes tremendous strength to be that open and real in a very intense and asleep world.  Keep lighting the way for others, Paula!”

– P.B. Chicago, IL

I want to thank you for the countless times that you’ve supported me,
comforted me, and helped me achieve climbing a mountain or two.”

– D.C.  Chicagoland area

I gave your name to my sister…I called you “The House Whisperer!”

– S.D. Chicago, IL

“I’m still beaming with infinite love and gratitude because of the magical magical shamanic journey on Sunday!!!!!!!!….What a perfect circle of love-ly people, profound messages, laughter and healing… Messages and tears still pouring over me. Such a transformational and enlightening weekend… The best part is – we could never go back to what we were before it!”

-G.P. Buffalo Grove, IL

“I LOVED the tele-class format. One reason I loved it was because of convenience (no commute, doing the class in my own home… and not having to drive 30 minutes home, etc.). I also found I felt very deeply connected with the other participants, so I didn’t long for an opportunity to meet in person. Also, with the shamanic journeys, I felt much more comfortable letting go, releasing, and being with whatever showed up because I didn’t have an “audience” and because I was in my own safe space. I actually think I would have a really hard time journeying in person with a group of people (or at least a much harder time). “            

-S.G., Chicago area


“I think the class exceeded my expectations. As I’m coming to learn, when I explore my spirituality I often get different outcomes than I expected. Not only did I grow spiritually, I learned so much more about myself and my truth than I anticipated. Most of what I learned was a surprise but in retrospect I can see why I’m being guided this way.”                                              -J.S., Minnesota

“Paula’s work has had a profound effect on my entire family, including all of our pets.  I cannot imagine what our life would be like today if we had not been able to access her healing talents the last ten years.  She is able to do a deep level healing that transcends western traditional medicine and therapy.  She clears blockages on such an intense level that the energy starts shifting immediately.  She has helped all of us live a fuller and happier life as we peel the onion layers of our soul back a layer at a time, helping us to clear the energies that need to be moved.  She is a powerful shaman and an angel in physical form.”

– D.E., Chicago, IL

“Years of trauma have left me with a lot of anger, resentment, confusion, and just negativity.  Retrieving pieces of my soul today, which could no longer deal with life, I felt like I was heading toward a path of destruction.  Thanks to you, I have a wholeness and calm about me I haven’t felt in years.  Much gratitude and thanks to you.  I am still a little shocked about the journey we took today, but I know the road ahead is one I look forward to.  Many blessings to you Paula for the gift you have.”

– M.S., Arlington Heights, IL

“The work you did with me has been incredibly helpful and lasting.  Just meeting you was definitely a gift in itself.”

– C.S.,  N.Y., N.Y.

“I am so thankful that I was able to participate in this special class. I feel like I have established a foundation for daily meditation and have become more self aware of my self-limiting beliefs.  Class was also a great reminder that I am not alone in this physical journey.  I am grateful for the seeds that have been planted and I am excited for the continued growth ahead!”

I.M., Chicago area

“The psychic reading really helped me to examine my issues and move to integrate conflicting parts of myself!”

– M.H., Chicago, IL

“Just wanted to drop you a note of many thanks. Thank you for your wonderful work… All our talks and all of your wonderful advice have helped me grow so much. I learned a great deal about myself through you. Thank you for that gift. You have a very special way of touching people.”

– K.H., Zurich, Switzerland

“The care, shifting, and information that I have received from my work with Paula have been a powerful part of my spiritual path. These experiences have not only offered insights to where I was at the time, but also reprogrammed outdated energies and illusions, allowing me to move more quickly towards creating the life I dream of. She is a gifted Shaman of the highest integrity.”

– M.A.S., Chicago, IL

“My work with Paula through The Akashic Records and Soul Retrieval, has led to a much higher awareness of my spirituality and sense of purpose, thus enriching my daily life and relationships with others.”

– P.S., Chicago, IL

“It is a pleasure to work with you as we grow and change. Your Akashic work is very grounding and accurate… It has been a joy to watch your work change and shift as we all grow in Spirit. Of all the Akashic Record workshops I have taken over the last four years, yours is the most informative at the beginner level with wonderful integration with Life on Earth. Thank you for your work and continuing growth… Thank you for your strength and courage as you forge ahead with your work in the myriad of arenas — all leading Home — creating Heaven on Earth.”

– M.N., Michigan City, IN

“I can’t think of any other period of my life when there has been greater transformation. Over the past year, my heart has opened like I never believed it could. The work we’ve done together has been so important to me. Thank you for your wisdom… for helping me to be true to myself. The journey has been much richer because of you.”

– J. N., Chicago, IL

“I’ve slept a lot lately, and I’ve opened the records each day. There’s a kind of peaceful knowing that has taken over my entire being since beginning this work with my records. It’s a wonderful place to be… I feel like I have an invaluable tool that will benefit me and everyone around me. Thanks!!”

– K. M. South Bend, IN

“With all the distractions that are going on in the world, it was wonderful to have the time to slow down and focus on the source of love, because sometimes we forget where it is.”

– L.R., Algonquin, IL

“I’ve worked with Paula in several groups and on projects. I was part of two shamanic journey sessions with her. She was amazing in explaining the process and how the journeying process works. She was a master healer as she walked each of us through our individual journeys. I know she walks in full integrity, authenticity, and oneness. I would highly recommend Paula as a healer and a coach!”

– M.B., Chicago, IL

“Paula is a gifted healer working with energy clearings, intrinsic coaching and shamanic soul retrieval for people and animals. She has helped me greatly to be more aware and grounded. As well, she is doing lovely work on my little scared cat who is getting less fearful each day. Paula has a compassionate and loving energy with all she shares.”

– S.J., Evanston, IL