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The Oneness Blessing (also called Deeksha) is a non-denominational transfer of energy from one person to another. Lasting about a minute long, Deeksha is transferred through the hands of an initiated Deeksha Giver or by the power of intention. 

Deeksha can catalyze a neuro-biological shift in the way the brain functions, activating a recipient’s frontal lobes and de-activating the parietal lobes of the brain, which are involved in the “fight or flight” reaction. This is similar to the changes that occur in the brain during prolonged meditation, and Deeksha has the potential to catalyze a permanent change in brain functioning known as Awakening. 

Deeksha transmissions foster a growth in consciousness, causing one to perceive and experience life as inter-connected – we feel connected to everyone and all things. It promotes a sense of joy, inner peace, and stress-reduction. Through the sense of oneness, our relationships become healed and we transform. The heart opens. Self-awareness rises and there is relief from inner-conflict, a quieting of the constant chatter of the mind, and renewed sense of purpose and authentic contribution.



Read about Paula’s experience — On the Wings of Love 


As an Awakened, Certified Oneness Trainer, Paula regularly offers Deeksha circles, and courses that initiate new Deeksha Givers while supporting growth in consciousness, prosperity, health, and deeper connection to one’s authentic self and others. See the Events page on this site, as well as the Oneness University and Oneness USA websites listed below.  For more information on all the many aspects of the Oneness Phenomenon, read Paula’s new book The Oneness Blessing, published by New Page Books, and available April, 2015.

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Oneness University is now called O&O Academy. Website:

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Interviewed by the best-selling author Debbi Dachinger on her award-winning syndicated radio program “Dare To Dream”. First aired on July 8, Paula speaks about the Oneness Blessing phenomenon and also the shamanic healing work she does.