Time To Come Home & Sept. Offerings

Image: Happy sunWell here we are at the height of summer, heat and all, receiving a rare, intense treat – a Blue, Full Moon – and I’m hoping you’re fully experiencing the yin and the yang of it all. Remember long, hot summer nights when you were a kid? Perhaps if you’re like me, and you played hard outside until the sun had set and the mosquitoes were torturous. Perhaps your mom or dad called you in, and in you went; reluctantly, loudly complaining. But once you brought your sweaty little self inside, you gratefully gave in to that delicious tiredness that comes from fully experiencing the heightened delights of summer!

That little kid in us is still alive, you know. She or he still feels exquisite joy, great excitement, terrifying fear, pain, and deep sadness at times. Kids feel intensely and somehow many of us have done our best for years to subdue that natural intensity. Guess what? Much of it is trapped within, snuffing down the pleasure as well as the pain. When we go “inside” – that is, internally – we can heal and release it.

It’s time to come home to our authentic essence – to that inner kid, and to the comfort and peace of what is eternal and essentially within. As a world community, we’re exhausted from the frantic “doingness” that’s gone on for centuries—building, conquering, consuming, fighting, searching, and struggling in general. We’ve spent years pursuing pleasure, security, knowledge, and success. We’ve been looking externally for all these things – and now, on a global scale, it’s time to come home to our internal world to truly manifest the happiness we desire.

Most of us come home kicking and screaming on some level. We call that “resistance.” We want what we think we want….yes, the ego likes to have it’s own way. Think of a four year old’s tantrum who can’t have ice cream when she wants it; for that’s how the ego/mind often responds to life. The ego kicks up a lot of noise, confusion, conflict, and suffering. What’s on the other side of all that drama is simply peace, acceptance, and joy, our natural, internal birthright.

Even as we’re immersed in the incredible beauty and power of the natural world at this time of year, the wise, Inner Self knows that as autumn comes delicately approaching, we’ll be gently slowing down to reap the harvest of all this summer’s intensity. As long as a summer day and night is, that’s how inevitable is the time to look ahead to taking a breath and harvesting the abundant wisdom of this year.

So in that spirit of opportunity for growth, peace, and expansion, here are a couple of upcoming events to harvest the inner gold that awaits our attention. If you’re in the Chicago area or would like to visit, think about attending these special offerings in September:

journeycircleandmeditationSHAMANIC JOURNEY CIRCLE, Sat., Sept. 19th, 1-7pm in gorgeous Downers Grove, IL. We’ll be doing shamanic ceremony, drumming, and journeying (both indoors and outdoors) to connect with inner guidance and healing. The theme of this event will be moving through inner conflict and conditioning to find the Oneness Within; particularly focusing on balancing the feminine and masculine within each of us.   I’ll be leading it with Frank Panek on the sacred land and center he and his wife Kristin own – the land has significant Native American energy and their center is home to a powerful Oneness Sacred Chambers. There’s an early bird discount if you register by Sept. 1: $90 per person. If you come in from out of town, there are hotels nearby. See more info here or contact me at paula@fromtheheartcenter.com.

Image: Soul of a womanONENESS AWAKENING COURSE, Friday, Sept. 11, 6:30pm – 10pm and Saturday, Sept. 12, 9:30am -8pm in Deerfield, IL. BECOME A ONENESS BLESSING GIVER! What would your life be if you moved into fully living, enhancing all aspects of your life – health, wealth, relationships, purpose, talents and abilities? Come join us for that opportunity to come fully alive to your essence, and to transform your consciousness, release emotional triggers in the body, and become initiated to give the gift of Oneness Deeksha to yourself and others. There’s an early bird discount if you register by August 15 – $210. I’ll be leading this with two other Certified Oneness Trainers, Savita-Laura Jachim and Andrea Loxley. Space is limited so register now by contacting Savita at laurasavita@icloud.com . See more info here or contact me at paula@fromtheheartcenter.com.

FreeMeditationLogoMEDITATION & ONENESS DEEKSHA FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH A CANCER DIAGNOSIS, 1st & 3rd Monday nights of each month from Sept. 21 – Dec. 21, 2015, 7-8:30pm, in Evanston, IL. A diagnosis of cancer can bring with it both unique stress and also a powerful opportunity for personal growth, This special drop-in group offers a safe place for renewal with relaxation, inner peace, clarity, and transformation through various types of meditation and receiving the Oneness Blessing (Deeksha). FREE! Sponsored by the Heartwood Foundation WCP. No experience necessary – open to women and men living with or recovering from cancer. I’ll be leading it with Liz Brumfield, MD, Holistic Psychiatrist. For more information, look here and please contact paula@fromtheheartcenter.com

Radio interviews now available for listening
Radio interviews now available for listening

By the way, I posted two new radio interviews I did recently about my new book, The Oneness Blessing, which I’m happy to say, has been getting great reviews! (check out what readers say on amazon.com).

To hear a fun interview on the show Paranormal Underground on June 25, click here. To hear my interview by award-winning author Debbbi Dachinger on her show Dare To Dream, listen here. In this interview I also talked about the shamanic healing work I do.

Happy growing in the summer sunshine! Wishing for all inner transformation and external abundance, joy, and fulfillment!