After a shamanic soul retrieval and extraction session, a period of time follows for integration and further changes. To truly integrate and amplify the shamanic session’s affect, it’s extremely important to have additional support for clarifying shifting awareness, making thoughtful choices, and, especially, taking action steps. Healing always starts first on the spiritual level, and actualizing change in our physical lives requires us to do our part in the external world, as well as continuing to learn, explore, grow, and evolve.

This is where the support of coaching, additional energy clearing or readings may really accelerate your growth and success. These services can build empowerment and make the integration period following a soul retrieval more comfortably filled with ease and grace. This package offers you a laser focus on getting the results you want more quickly with highly personalized flexibility to fit your needs. It’s also a great financial deal.  The investment is only $657 for what would normally cost $747- $800 if sessions were bought individually.

What’s in the Package:

(1) One two-hour shamanic soul retrieval and extraction session (which can be done in person in the Chicago area when it is safe to do that, or via zoom, skype or phone.)

(2) Followed within 4 months by 4 hours worth of sessions, generally done over the phone or zoom/skype. These 4 hours of sessions could be additional soul retrievals, stand-alone or combined coaching, aura/chakra clearings, “ghost-busting”, shamanic extraction, or clairvoyant or Akashic Readings. The one-hour coaching sessions can also be combined and used for private journeying or meditation instruction, or for another soul retrieval along with adjunct services. We will make the choice together, based on what’s going on in your life and what you need or want.

The Benefits:

  • You’ve made a commitment to transformation – and the Universe will answer you powerfully!
  • The effects of all the individual sessions are amplified by the synergistic elements.
  • You are abundantly supported – Your questions are answered when you need answers and help is given if you’re confused,  fearful or uncomfortable!
  • There is unique flexibility in this package (something few other practitioners offer) to custom-tailor the services to your personal needs!
  • You save quite a lot of money, always a big plus! Payment is accepted by credit card, checks, or cash.

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If you are unsure if this is right for you, you can contact Paula for a complimentary consult to discuss.

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