Uncertainty During Transformation

I don’t have to tell you that life is quite uncertain. Most everyone I know is struggling with the external challenges of rapid change going on now in the world. We see challenges in our government, perhaps in our relationships, in our communities, and (hopefully) within our flowering hearts.

We are in the midst of awakening and often awakening isn’t particularly comfortable. We are dissolving rusty brain tracks, forged by conditioning and unconsciousness. Part of us is ready to burst open like spring flowers, eager to bloom, shimmering with transcendent energy.  Other parts are scared, anxious, and sometimes paralyzed by uncertainty.  If this inner conflict describes your state, you are definitely not alone.

The good news is that you might just be self-aware enough to see that what is happening internally is not you because you are watching “it.” Perhaps you’re aware that your thoughts have too much power over your inner peace. Keep watching those thoughts and also just accept them without giving them much power (Oh yeah, there goes those thoughts again).

Ideally, you might be feeling helpless to be anywhere other than where you’re at in this present moment, and willing to just “be with” whatever is coming up. As you’re being with whatever is coming up, do slow down your breathing and just exhale into what’s arising.

As that old expression goes, “you can’t push the river.” But when you can reach a point where you “see” your internal conflict, anxiety, and fear, and with true humility know that you are helpless to change things through the use of your own thought-directed will, then a Higher Power can actually swoop in to help you.

Oh to be able to waive a magic wand and shift deeper into connection and peace, no matter what is going on around and within us!  Well, the good news is that you have the wand, and have had the magic all along, just as Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, always had her ruby slippers to click…and back home she could go!  Your magic wand is to call on whatever is most sacred to you for help, and help will be given.

There is certainty in the midst of uncertainty, just as there is good in the midst of evil, illumination in the midst of darkness, and love in the midst of sadness and grief. Most obviously, there is rebirth in the midst of death, including the death of the ego’s hold on our heart. It’s all connected, and we’re all connected.  We just need to remember how to plug in to our Divine again.

This truth is at the heart of meditation and prayer. Connection is your birth right but most of us need to practice connection to the inner sanctum of whatever is sacred and Divine to you.  Whether you call it God, or Spirit, or the Universe, it is your life line to sanity and peace. We certainly can rearrange the furniture within the happenings of our lives, but we will still be using the same operating system that defines the limits of our thinking. We want to transcend the limits of our thinking. Our thoughts are not the truth of who we are.

My various services can help you cut through the confusion, resistance, disconnection, and fear that might be creating discomfort for you:  Spiritual coaching can reset your path. Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Extraction (my deepest tool for clearing and restoration) can shift your energy field, jumpstart “stuckness” and reconnect your soul’s fragmented parts after trauma.  Akashic Record Readings and Clairvoyant readings can illuminate the obstacles and causes of conflicts with relationships, health, career, and more. Often the roots of these things are karmic, relating to past lives.

I also work privately with people, as well as offer groups, for Golden Age Movement teachings and meditation, prayer work, and shamanic journeying. Actually, I do nothing. I am a channel for the Divine to work through me, in whatever way my spiritual tools can be of help to you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a free consultation to explore how the spiritual tools I use may be of service to your inner peace, health, fulfillment, purpose and happiness.

Contact me at paula@fromtheheartcenter.com or 773-791-8425.