Woo-hoo: Certified Oneness Trainer now

I returned last week from my second trip to Oneness University in India, where the Oneness Blessing originated from the University’s founders, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan.

my first view of the beach in India
my first view of the beach in India

I completed the training there to become a Certified Oneness Trainer and am so excited to be facilitating my first Oneness Awakening Course on Feb. 21 and 22nd in Evanston, Il.  It’s a course that is designed to help release limiting old patterns and karma, to heal relationships with parents, partners, and children, to deepen one’s relationship with their Divine, and to initiate the participants to be able to give Oneness Blessings (also known as Deeksha).

The Oneness Blessing is a sacred transmission of energy that moves a person toward a neuro-biological shift in the brain.  The frontal lobe of the brain becomes activated, and the parietal lobes (responsible for the flight-or-fight mechanism) are de-activated, resulting in a shift in perception.  This shift is called Awakening.  An Awakened person perceives the Oneness that unifies all life and deepens awareness.

In addition to increasing awareness, my experience of this shift has helped to strengthen my relationship with my Divine — it is a close, very personal relationship now, in which my heart has opened, my faith has flowered, and I feel more peaceful.

After the rigorous course at Oneness University, my friend and I spent a lovely three days resting and relaxing in Mamallapurnam, a charming village on the ocean in India.   Here’s a photo of the first view we had of the beach there – cows having their own experience of r and r on the sandy shore!