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Hello, I am Paula Rosenfeld and I am delighted that you are here for a visit. For the past 24 years, I have been serving as a catalyst for change, helping others to experience shifts in relationships, health, businesses, financial prosperity and joy. My mission is to support you in connecting with your own source of all that is good, that brings the freedom, success and happiness you seek.

I’ve been using a wide variety of tools in my  practice since 1992. In 2011, a new phenomenon powerfully drew my attention and I began to explore The Oneness Blessing.

The Oneness Blessing (also called Deeksha) is a non-denominational transfer of energy from one person to another. It creates a subtle, but powerful shift in brain function that supports increased awareness, relaxation, joy, and union with all that is. It quiets the relentless inner chatter of the mind and can enhance focus and purpose. This shift in the brain can lead to growth in consciousness, freedom from inner conflict, and permanent awakening.

I have experienced my own awakening and in 2014 was presented the opportunity to share this incredibly powerful work in the form of a book.

I offer different types of individual sessions and group events. I would be honored to work with you! Let’s discuss what might be of help. Some of the group events are featured here and are also listed on the Events page.

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